Cosmopolitans anyone?

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There are a couple things that we have learned from doing this blog.

  1. If you wait too many days to post, it becomes really challenging to post about sales from the previous weekend. (I mean, I am already checking the weather for next Saturday.) You forget the sales, they blend together.
  2. This is never going to be one of those blogs where there’s a new post everyday. Not that I’m knocking that, but there is only so much that happens to a person each and every day, right?

With all that said, I have been sick. I started to get sick on Friday and I almost thought I wouldn’t even go to sales. I came home early and slept on Friday and felt pretty good on Saturday morning. Little did I know I would be knocked on my ass by Sunday and not really feel better for a few more days.

Karl and Jenny both came over and it was pretty drizzly out. I am unwilling to even admit that fall is here …

Each time we go to sales we learn new (and sometimes “interesting”) things about people at sales. For instance, we identified the top 3 things not to have at a yard sale:

  1. hair highlighting kit
  2. chili
  3. maxi-pads

Let me stress that all of these were at the same sale. I swear, they had homemade chili at the sale. That’s fine, but (and that is a HUGE BUT) if they are selling maxi-pads?!?! NO.

So, I have been sick and I mean really sick, so there are sales that I just don’t remember. We saw this large ostrich — I can’t tell you anything about this sale.

Large ostrich for sale

We hit a “book lovers’ sale” — sounds good, right?

Welcome, Book Lovers

When I hear book lover I never think “I love books that you can only buy at grocery stores and Costco!” Sadly, that’s what they meant.

A few things I do remember are an estate sale that was in the smallest one-bedroom basement apartment that was so unpleasant to walk around in. They didn’t have bupkiss. After a few minutes I went outside, since being inside was such a bummer.

We have no bathroom facilities for the public

After that sale we hit another estate sale — an icky smoker’s sale. When I walked in I said, “Oh, someone smoked!” The guy behind me AND the guy in front of me had this long conversation about how I knew this (oooo) and also how many times they have tried to quit smoking. I never said a word and I am an ex-smoker.

This sale was major record nerdlinger territory. Karl was in his natural element.

Estate sale basement

I found this sale really boring and even Jenny just parked it on a couch in the rec room reading old Cosmopolitan magazines. Which turned out to be more entertaining than we expected. Check out these centerfolds!

The Cosmopolitan Man: John Davidson

The Cosmopolitan Man: Jim Brown

I amused myself by trying on yet another pair of wacky headphones.

Yet more nice headphones

I did ask nicely if I could take a photo of these two organs next to each other. Some lady tried to charge me (didn’t that just happen to Jenny?!?!) I just said “good luck getting it.”

Estate sale organs

As we drive I do keep an eye out for signs (and sometimes see sales that Jenny misses). I saw a sign that I thought said WISPY THRIFT. I mean if you had a thrift store wouldn’t that be a good name? Um, no … the signs said “Where’s Tipsy?”

That’s really about all I can remember. Jenny and I really hardly purchased anything, but Karl picked up enough crap to make the trunk shot look halfway decent.

Junk In My Trunk 10-4-08

8 Responses to Cosmopolitans anyone?

  1. G-Sale Hussie says:

    Well, at least the maxi pads weren’t stuck in a pair of leggings. I saw that one time in a bin at a thrift store. So nasty. I also found a hot dog in the same bins once. Just a loose hot dog. So bizarre… At least the maxi pad makes sense!

  2. swankola says:

    John Davidson nude centerfold? Please, tell me you bought that Cosmo. Also, I have that Craig Hundley record (and another besides). He was a teenage Jazz piano prodigy and also a child actor (The Flying Nun, Star Trek, Bewitched, etc. etc.). And there’s this (from IMDb): “Invented the ‘Blaster Beam’, a unique electronic musical instrument which consisted of a 15 foot metal beam strung with several wires and equipped with electric guitar pickups. It was ‘played’ by striking the wires with metallic objects such as mallets or even artillery shells. It was first heard in ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ as the distinctive metallic bass notes associated with V’ger. It went on to become a staple of science fiction film scores in the 80’s and 90’s (such as 2010 and Alien 3)”

  3. I saw some adult diapers at a yard sale once, and that was enough to make me turn tail run. The sale with the records and creepy centerfolds had some awesome furniture… too bad that wasn’t for sale.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  4. Meghan says:

    Thanks for asking… I am feeling better. I was pretty “high” on cold and flu meds when I wrote my blog and I think it shows.
    EEEW. Adult Diapers.

  5. laurie says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon..your post is still entertaining as usual. I can’t believe that Cosmo had centerfolds like that YIKES! I think the weirdest thing I have found at estate sales for sale are false teeth (and have found them on more than one occasion…no, I didn’t buy them…are they a decorative item? Do people try them on and hope they fit?) I also cleaned out my elderly neighbors deceased wife bedroom one time. She had been gone for 8 years and he needed to be able to live on the main floor of his house. I found more maxi pads than I thought possible. I could have wallpapered the entire room (ceiling included) in them…and she was in her 70s or so…way past the point of using them)

  6. Wanda says:

    Gosh, I’m so behind on reading! Trying to catch up, but had to comment on the John Davidson centerfold. I remember that! I just don’t remember if I was 10 or 20. He was sooo cute back in the day.

  7. John Davidson- Ew! EW! EEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!

    There are some things you just can’t UN-see.

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