One big winner and a lot of duds

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Both Jenny and I are on the one week count-down to Oly Manor and that is always a nice to thing to look forward to when it’s a holiday weekend … Labor Day weekend is usually pretty bad for sales.

We hit a sale that maybe you remember from the rainy carport last year.

Piles of stuff

This time was good, but not as amazing. Tons of vintage and oddball items.

Tables of stuff

Last time I picked up so many cool items that I was thinking I would really score something. We both picked up a few things — Jenny got a pretty cool 1979 book about David Bowie — but nothing super amazing.

One of the next sales unearthed the most amazing/gross/interesting/heinous jean jacket I have ever seen.

Awful jacket

I don’t think I need to mention this, but cow arms? Don’t most women want to appear thinner? Cow print doesn’t give the illusion of thin, no?

AND (I know that really is enough, right?) the guy was putting up his sale signs with an electric screwdriver. Wouldn’t that harm your trees that you probably put a ton of time into growing?!?

Giant Yard Sale Sign

The fact that most of the sales we hit were crappy was really okay, since we didn’t expect very much. But we did hit one really big winner.

Yard/estate sale stuff

Some woman who had been an art school teacher had died a few years ago and the family had just pulled all of her stuff outside in yard sale fashion. She had some really crazy taste, and had loved hands. There were tons and tons of hand items.

Boxes of clothes

I picked up so many great things. Three pairs of ’70s Frye boots, tons of vintage clothing. To be honest, I have no idea what Jenny purchased. I just was so in the yard sale zone. I ended up with three tall kitchen bags filled for $30.

We ended up hitting a different area, taking time to sit down and have a snack (something that we rarely do) and hitting a bunch of overall bad sales. Like the sale with the life size Lord Of The Rings stand up.

Life-sized Legolas

And one of the more oddball items we have seen at a sale: the portable blacklite for all those on the go! A travel black light? It even looks like it’s for your auto. And they had two of them. WTF?

Auto Blacklite

One of the last sales we hit was a supposed 10-family sale that turned out to be four houses, including an old woman with kitty ears on (I shit you not). The next house had a guy that serenaded us with his clarinet. It was sort of cool and freaky at the same time.

If we hadn’t found that one great sale early on it would have been a pretty fruitless day, but we managed to fill up the trunk.

Junk In My Trunk 8-30-08

By the way, I stopped at one sale on Monday. While I was there, one of my sale nemesises came and said what he always says: “Got any jewelry?” The seller said she had some carved Bakelite bracelets earlier, but they were already gone. My heart sank a little at missing out on those, but it was awesome to see the pained expression on his face!

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