One sale … that’s all

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It’s 9:30 am on Saturday and I have been to one sale this week. Sad, I know. Let me explain — Seattle weather has been the pits. In the last three days it’s been pissing rain, hail, storming, and windy. In fact, it’s “broke my large Bauer flower pot” sort of weather.

I looked to see about any Friday sales and found nothing even close to our part of town.

This morning was more of the same, with the exception of one sale listing itself as “lovers of old, cool and funky things but we’ve moved in together and there’s too much stuff! Vintage clothing, retro, general household, vintage fabrics and lots of nic-nacs and collectibles.”

Rain be damned, I’m going.

Vintage stuff sale

I went 1/2 hour early just to check out when they would be open and found a mountain of clothing still in the bags. It was a mess, but I knew she had good stuff, so I just started digging.

Mounds o' stuff

They ended up being really nice, and the sale was under cover. I was happy that I managed to pull out some really good items before some of the regular pickers that swoop in and take everything.

It ended up being a really good sale — I didn’t take a trunk photo, but I did get some great stuff which you can see here on my couch. An Enid Collins purse, two vintage dresses, one silk velvet robe, a couple of books, a pair of Seven jeans, cute newer cowboy boots, a cute winter hat and a topless 30’s framed photo of some can-can dancers!

Junk On My Couch, 10/20/07

5 Responses to One sale … that’s all

  1. shy_smiley says:

    Geek Love is such a great book. That’s the copy I had, with the cool folk-art cover.

    Love your blog. Where your yardsale season is winding down, ours is just picking up. Tucson enjoys a long, LONG yardsale season.

  2. I second the Geek Love love and also have the same copy.

    Sweet nakey lady pictures! Those are hard to get ahold of in thrift stores, cos of the religious bent of the nonprofit or just general prudery, so getting them in a tag sale is fabulous.

    Finally, love the Enid Collins purse. What’s the story behind this brand – it’s so expensive and rare and all.

  3. treasurefox says:

    For a history of Enid Collins purse and bags check out Lots of great details on them

    I’m gearing up for big weekend of sales. Here in Florida it’s a year round past time especially in the “winter” when all the snow birds come down and clean out their vacation homes. The secret is getting to the good sales early. Get Head Start on Advertised Yard Sales Some tips that might help you get there before the dealers scoop up the best items.

  4. Great finds! I am drooling over that E.C. purse and those boots!

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