$5 Condition Unknown. Mustache Immaculate

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Teacups and spices

Saturday at 5:00 a.m. our dog started crying to go outside and I was unable to get back to sleep. Not the best time frame for yard sales, if none of them start until 9:00.

I know both Jenny and I have mentioned some of our regular salers we run into almost every Saturday. One of them we both call “furniture guy.” I have also referred to him as “Yugo guy” since he drives a tiny car. It’s actually a white Ford Aspire. I know, because I looked. So, “furniture guy” goes to sales and the first thing is does is ask if they have any furniture, buys it, and then leaves it to come back later in the afternoon with a truck. Anyway, for some reason today I couldn’t get away from the guy — he was either at each sale before I got there, or he was there within a couple of minutes after I showed up.

It was an interesting day, but not really the most fruitful. I get some really great jewelry for $10 at a sale early on — some old Mexican Silver, a Caro set of yellow stones, and a brass and white enamel Matisse choker.

One sale had so many old beer cans, and I only took a photo of a small amount. I’m sure some guy thought this was “kitschy” at some point, but when you have like 200 it’s overkill.

Mmmm ... beer

In typical form, I ended up at a baby sale — with nothing that wasn’t for the new baby with the exception of a Tonto action toy, with his horse, from the Lone Ranger TV show. The woman was really trying to get me to buy it for $25. I had to decline, but I did tell her the story of how when I was 4 years old, I thought his name was the Loan Arranger and he helped get people money.

Baby Sale

I went to some seriously bad sales. Bad paintings, bad furniture, bad books — how do people get this much crap?

Bad art at yardsale

One sale was to help a group of folks get to Burning Man. I bought nothing.

I took a photo of this huge TV that was probably broken. The sticker made me laugh.

$5 Condition Unknown. Mustache Immaculate

I didn’t even open the trunk, but I did take a photo of my purchases.

Junk on the Couch 8/11/07

I look forward to next week.

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