Saturday recap from our Special Guest Star

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This week we had our friend Leslie (a.k.a. Bitch On Wheels) come along with us to yard sales (after being forced to admit rain was likely and cancelling our plans for our own sale). We always like to have “guest stars” come saling with us once in a while, and we talked Leslie into doing a guest star post for the blog as well – here it is!

As we had to postpone the crap-be-gone yard sale due to rain, we took advantage of the unscheduled morning to grab steamy cups of coffee and add more stuff to our already cluttered houses. In spite of the steady downpour, there were a number of sales featuring merchandise under tarps, under tents, in garages, and one fantastic house-wide moving sale (the sellers were purging just about everything to move onto a 40-foot sail boat and they were cool people with wonderful and reasonably priced stuff). I’ll leave it to your regular YSBB hostesses to describe the haul, but we more than filled the trunk with junk at that one sale alone.

Later in the morning, we drove to the Ballard High Cheerleaders garage sale (go blood-thirsty beavers!). There was nothing remarkable, but I picked up a pair of adjustable kids inline skates (a gift for 4-year old Lemmy) and a booklet of Christmas Mad Libs. I LOVE second-hand Mad Libs, particularly when they’re already filled out. While this booklet was 99.5% unused, a single plural noun was filled in on the Jingle Bells Mad Lib. Some snickering youth had inserted the tried and true word “boobs.” (Note to America’s pre-teens: body parts are fine, but adding a disease or taint to your chosen body part always gives it a bit more comedic punch). We proceeded to fill out the remainder of the Mad Lib, but it was too early in the morning for prime ick-factor vocabulary and Jingle Bells really doesn’t make the best Mad Lib foundation.

More sale recap still to come!

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