Drill team sale and basement shuffleboard

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I had received an email about Fred & Barb’s annual “Green 55” garage sale, with Lizretros and Leslie as participants. After going to a few of their previous sales and always getting something good (or at the very least getting to look over some fun and interesting items) I knew that would be my first stop.

The sale started at 9:00, but Leslie had mentioned that I could pop over before they opened. I was happy for the offer since I secretly wanted to be at the Ballard Eagles Drill Team Rummage sale at 9:00, mostly because the flyer for the sale was so bad/funny and I also really wanted to see if any of them would be in their drill team outfits for the sale.

Fred and Barb’s sale was great (as usual) and I grabbed tons of stuff from Liz’s stash. I have seen her at sales and I can just tell we have a similar style. I got a cute dress that she made that I’m hoping will fit, along with some curtains that she made — I’m never going to make curtains, so this is the next best thing, right?

Chock full o' crazy crap

The photos do not tell the amazingness of the sale — sorry, I was too busy grabbing stuff. I think you can get the basic idea.

Still life with E.T. bendy

At 8:55 I made my way to the Drill Team sale (I drove by another sale on the way that was a bust). I parked across the street and saw two people standing out front — wow, a line? No. It was two people from the drill team, wondering why the door hadn’t been opened. Ehg. What to do? Wait for the door to open or hit some other sales?

After a few minutes, I bailed for some other sales. Here is the thing about this Saturday: I never once looked my sheet that I printed out. I either just drove down a street and spotted a sale, or saw a sign.

I did go back to the drill team sale. It was pretty much a crap-fest and I was sad to see not one girl in a blue and yellow outfit with matching hat!

Drill Team Sale

I had blogged about another sale at the same Eagles Hall in an earlier post. This photo of the table looks just as bad as it did then.

Drill Team Sale shelf

As I was driving away I passed an estate sale that had one of the best rec-room-style basements ever. They had a shuffle board set into 1950’s linoleum!

Estate sale basement: shuffleboard close-up

They also had built in bar that had a sink and a built in 2 burner stove. I have dreams of having a basement like this.

Estate sale basement: built-in bar

The sad thing about the sale was that you knew she must have had cool old junk that was already picked clean either by relatives or the folks putting on the sale. I bought some kitchen items, but not much more.

I went to about 15 more sales in the next hour.

Outdoor sale with pumpkin mascot

From this huge mess of clothing I bought a great black crepe ’40s dress, a ’20s dress, and a few other items.

Pile of clothes at sale

I knocked off at 11:00 and still managed to fill up my truck. Not too shabby for three hours of sales.

Junk In My Trunk 8-18-07

5 Responses to Drill team sale and basement shuffleboard

  1. vespabelle says:

    I love hitting estate sales with swanky basements! I was at one with a shuffleboard basement floor a few months ago (no bar though, it may have been removed.)

  2. Bitch On Wheels says:

    I think we all dream of having basements like that… only mine would have a permanent linoleum Twister setup.

  3. erinberry says:

    Cool Christmas ornaments!

  4. osdosjosdhopisnsdkvosihdjvo says:

    wow, you really gotta post about a community drill team’s efforts to raise funds and then badmouth their efforts?

  5. Meghan says:

    Yes, We do… Our blog is about what people sell at sales and why people sell what they sell. I am sorry if for some reason you wanted to read a glowing post about your drill team, but it’s not Drill Team Bloodbath…