Embrace Your Inner Caveman

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Decrepit Yard Sale Sign

On Saturday I ended up half-assing sales and started out super late, something I rarely do. At 10:00 I figured I would go to a few sales near by and call it a day.

The first sale was an old lady Eagles Rummage Sale less than a block from my house — their sign was on the pole right outside our front door, so I was hoping the yard sale gods might be telling me something.

Wrong! That guy that I tossed the garbage into his car last year was there. He was looking over my shoulder, mumbling under his breath about the sale.

The sale was mostly filled with modern clothes that only a hipster grandma would wear (aka the sparkle blouse or the crazy holiday sweater), some dreadful cookbooks, and trashy 80’s romance novels. It was pretty much a dud. I purchased a pair of purple shorty boots to try on ebay and some men’s stay press 60’s shorts. As you can see from the photo, it was mostly crap (does anyone really need your used ice cube trays?)

Pathetic sale

The next sale did bring one of the better signs I have ever seen at any sale:

Embrace your inner caveman

I did buy something that surprised me a little today: SUPPLEMENTS! A woman doing one of the sales today sells vitamins, and was selling anything about to expire for 25 cents. It does seem like I might have had a lapse in good judgment, but they are all safely sealed — how could it hurt me, right?

I went to about 15 sales — nothing earth shattering. My trunk wasn’t very full, but I didn’t spend very much either. There’s the box of vitamins.

Junk In My Trunk 4/28/07

3 Responses to Embrace Your Inner Caveman

  1. o.Sano says:

    soon to be expired vitamins = check! hells yeah.
    ice cube trays = ew!
    old lady holiday sweaters = old lady holiday sweaters…

    this last weekend i saw a guy selling one prada shoe. one. um, ok.

    love the blog ladies!

  2. meredith says:

    I love the graphic on that cat-hater’s handbook! So funny.

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