My favorite rummage sale

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Junk In My Trunk - 4/25/07

I stumbled upon this rummage sale last year (on a Thursday!) and freaked myself out by spending over $150 … mostly clothes, lots of them destined for resale (but I sort of went crazy and ended up buying a lot of things which no one wanted and I ended up donating). I heard it was coming up this year and wondered … would it be good again?

Indeed. I was more restrained this time and only spent $92, including $15 for the framed Miro poster (maybe overpriced, but I was influenced by just having seen something similar at another sale priced much higher, so I decided to go for it). Lots of clothes again, a handful of books, and I think that was it. After I paid I realized I’d skipped the jewelry so I went back in to browse but I was too vegged out to really care at that point, so I just bought $3.00 worth of pastries (love those church-lady baked goods!) and called it a day.

I thought I’d have some good stories about the crazed competitive freaks who’d started lining up an hour and a half early, but everyone seemed rather well-behaved. Yay!

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