Taking the “Early Bird” concept to a whole new level

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It’s not very often that I show up for a sale too early. I’ve mentioned this before, but we hate it when we have a sale and pickers show up 2 hours early – or in some cases I have had people come 2 days early. So, I try to be at sales a little early, but not what I would call RUDE early.

This weekend I was one week early to an annual area sale.

I became super frustrated after going to a couple of the places that the sale listing said would have maps, and of course I didn’t see any signs. It is my fault for not being able to read the listing correctly, but I also blame them listing their sale on Craig’s a week early. I wasted the first prime hour, was in an area of town that I don’t usually sale in and I hadn’t really printed out sales for the areas that I hit every week. In the end I picked a completely different area of town and thought I would make a large loop, hope to see signs, and if I needed to knock off early I would.

For $3 I purchased a department store glove display called Futurist Gloves with different compartments for different sized gloves. This is almost a good reason to buy the 50’s white and pink gloves you see at sales all the time. I have absolutely no clue what I’m going to use it for, but display stuff is so much fun that I’m sure I’ll figure out something.

Futurist Gloves

Overall the whole day wasn’t very notable. I purchased some books, a small fish vase, a really pretty 40’s gabardine woman’s suit, and a smelly candle that I talked a woman down from $4.

The high and low of my Saturday sales came later in the day. We went to an area that I don’t usually sale in, but she had posted her sale as the “mother of all yard sales”. The house was pretty picked clean, but in one of the bedrooms I found a large box of Sassy magazines. She was asking 2 for 25 cents, and I was thinking of buying them to see if I could re-sell them and in the process look over the magazine that I really loved in my formative years. I am not sure if it didn’t feel right or I just didn’t want more magazines in my house, but I decided not to buy them.

A few hours later I was checking my email and thought that I would look up what some past auction on Ebay had gone for and I was shocked by some of the prices. Some issues had gone for around $40 each! Jeez, I was kicking myself. I called my boyfriend to moan about it and he just happened to be working a few miles from the sale. He was able to purchase the remaining issues for $3 about an hour before she was getting ready to end her sale.

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