Wonder Woman. Weed Pipes. West Seattle.

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West Seattle was this weekend and Karl was out of town and Jenny had family in town. I pretty much go to West Seattle twice a year (if that) and I usually see my friend Hayla when I go. We have met up for lunch during the sale a couple of years back.

So, I sent her a message to see if she had any desire to hit up sales and a plan was made to meet around 8:30. My day started off crappy when I was unable to get gas at two different gas stations using two different cards – what is going on here!?!?!

Official Sale!

Amazingly enough there were two sales right on Hayla’s block. She purchased a small child’s chair that we sort of half tossed in the trunk, then I swung around into the alley to drive back to her house. You can tell it’s going to be a fun day when you are both laughing at the thought of a broken chair falling out of your trunk.

Tales full o' stuff

Trying to give you a blow by blow of all the sales we hit would be almost impossible. There were around 200 people taking part in the sale and I think we probably hit around 60 sales, maybe more. I was surprised to find out that it’s $12 to be in the sale. One lady told me that she thought it was worth it, saying that there are maps and it’s promoted. I never even thought about folks having to pay. $2,400 seems like a pretty tidy profit.

These records are all polka and when I made a comment about it the woman was very defensive about her four boxes of records.


This is a pretty impressive amount of snow globes in one place.

Snow globes!

You asked someone to bring them back for you for many years. Now they are going to end up sitting in the sun for most of the day. It didn’t even look like a dent had been made.

We hit a different area than Jenny and I usually start with. Not sure why, but they whole day felt a little backwards because of it.

Spread-out sale

I made Hayla take a photo of this blow-up doll (with huge boobs) in a Wonder Woman costume, which I hadn’t even noticed the whole time we had been at the sale.

Wonder Woman in tree

At another sale we saw this amazing item.

$10, dude

Hayla also spotted a little one-hitter and a mushroom lighter. Hot! When she said she was going to buy it I told her that she needed to ask if they would take $8. I mean I don’t even dicker that much, but on a weed pipe? You have to! They seemed pleased to take $8 and when Hayla wanted to hit another sale I told her that I needed to find a bathroom before I did anything more. Thy guy having the sale let me come into their home and use the toilet. Classy! I guess the family had purchased the pipe for a family member that had cancer. Downer.

There are so many sales that things start to blend together, but we both didn’t feel that the trunk was getting filled fast enough.

Sidewalk Sale in West Seattle

I am not sure if you can tell how large this vegetable thing is, but it’s like five feet long.

Produce poster

I really liked it, but good sense prevailed (for once). The same sale also had this set of Danish Modern cookware.

Aqua and white

Now, before you post about how I should have purchased this, he wanted $80 for the set. The sale had some amazing stuff, but priced like someone that used to have a vintage space at the antique mall.

We hit one estate sale and the view was amazing –- the house was too, but the sale was picked clean or maybe they didn’t have anything to begin with.

The view from this sale

There was a woman at the sale that Hayla said was dressed like a Mormon meets a Mennonite. We think she had been part of the house, since she was outside getting really upset about a man that she thought had stolen a book from the sale. The dude was acting so chill that I can only guess he paid for the item inside and he seemed to be ignoring her or just didn’t understand why she was acting so odd.

One of our last sales had this sign.

Live Girls Yard Sale

I love the idea, but the ladies both had name tags on and that came across a little strange.

After a bit we just needed to eat. Hayla had mentioned Meander’s and it was yummy. Highly recommended.

All in all it was a great day with wonderful weather, company and food.

Junk In My Trunk 5-12-12

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