Fantasies and Other Realities

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Saturday I was riding solo. (My husband said that makes the blog more boring, since we don’t get any extra dialog between us.)

Honestly I knew that I wouldn’t be out that long, but I wanted to hit this sale down the street from me that we hit last year. Maybe you remember it’s when I purchased two ’50s Mexican circle skirts.

Their sale (that they called the Designer Sale this year) didn’t start until 9:00, so I found a couple of sales starting in the 8:00 / 8:30 time frame and headed out.

The first one was huge. It might not look huge, but they continued to bring stuff out over the course of the next 45 minutes that I was at the sale. I made two separate purchases, just so I could take stuff to my car and get back for the next round of items coming out.

Sale down the driveway

I liked the sign, since it looks more like “Yard Sate.”

Yard Sale Sign

The first thing I saw was this huge collection of dolls.

Dolls dolls dolls

I don’t know a ton about dolls, but it was just 8:00 AM and all the dolls had been sold. I can only guess that the person that purchased these ended up getting a great deal.

Creepy dolls n' parts

This sale had a weird combination of items. I am not 100% sure how all of this came together. A mother and her 3 sons – I think?!?

  1. Gay interest books, movies and magazines
  2. Unicorn, D&D, role playing and gamer items
  3. Architecture and landscape design books
  4. Mom stuff

I took an amazing photo of some of the D & D items, but it didn’t come out -– I was sad about this, since it was pretty impressive. This Fantasies and Other Realities book might give you an idea.

Fantasies and Other Realities

I picked up this amazing unused ’70sStar Wars paint-by-numbers.

Star Wars Paint By Numbers

After feeling like I had spent way too much time at this sale, I headed to an 8:30 sale that was filled with little kid and baby stuff, but I did like how they had their sign placed.

Upside-down sign

OK, that was a total bust, so fingers crossed I could get over to the Designer Sale.

Driveway with tables

It didn’t look as large as last year and I had to stand around with Jewelry Guy for 10 minutes. This felt like a lifetime, but he did tell the woman next to him a great story. She mentioned to him that she remembers him scoring some great jewelry at the sale last year. He then launched into this story about how someone had been asking him to move his car. I remembered this happening as soon as he said it (we even wrote about it). Another woman had parked really badly and the ladies putting the sale on thought it was him. He went to move his car and set the bag of jewelry on the trunk of his car. He then drove away and lost all of it. After telling this story he then started trying to talk to me and I just didn’t know how to deal.

Porch sale

In the end I made a few purchases – love the huge calculator they were using to ring folks up.

Very Large Calculator

I was home by 9:30. Sorry, I don’t style the trunk like Jenny can …

Junk In My Trunk 5-5-12

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