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Super Boobs!

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When I was at the “Eclectic Vintage Freakout” sale in Berkeley last Saturday, I came across something that really made me laugh. It made the sellers laugh, too, but they were ready to get it out of their house. It … Continue reading

Another sign that a sale is going to suck: Leprosy

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We were excited to discover that a Japanese blog, Retro Junk, is linking to our site! It looks like a fun blog, judging from the photos in some of the other posts. Of course, we can’t actually read it, but … Continue reading

The 52-hour garage sale

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Meghan found a (now-removed) Craigslist ad (how? who knows) for a 52-hour sale which happened in Minneapolis a couple weeks back. I think this is absolutely insane … but in a genius kind of way. And I’m impressed with their … Continue reading

Rummage sale dream

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Due to various other obligations I haven’t been able to go to sales for the past few Saturdays. I went to a few Friday-morning sales last week, but they were so lame and boring that I actually wished I’d just … Continue reading

Introducing Jenny

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 5 Comments

Now that Meghan has gotten the ball rolling I suppose I should introduce myself as well. I also grew up going to yard sales with my parents, along with thrift stores and trips to the crazy free box (really more … Continue reading

Introducing Meghan

Posted by Meghan in Grab Bag | 8 Comments

I love a good yard sale and from an entertainment value standpoint, I love a bad yard sale. I have been going to yard sales for 30+ years. My formative years were spent being dragged screaming on Saturday morning to … Continue reading

Well hello!

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Welcome to Yard Sale Bloodbath … where we’ll be writing about our various yard sale experiences, thoughts, and other tangential ramblings. Stay tuned while we introduce ourselves and get into the swing of things!