Fall is here. So are links.

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Fall is here. Rain is here. Yard sales … well, they’re still here, but not as much, and certainly not as much on my mind. I went to just one sale last weekend and all I bought was a 25-cent hammer. Not exactly exciting blog material, hmmm?

Meghan is off in sunshine-y Texas right now, and I think she’ll be giving a report on that after she’s back. In the meantime, here are a few links I’ve come across recently that are worth checking out.

  • Yard sale movies? We’ve come across sites for two of ’em: Yard Sale: The Movie and Zen in the Art of Yardsailing. Both look great — I’m dying to see them, but as far as I can tell they aren’t really in circulation. Anyone have any scoop on these?
  • This is a pretty entertaining article about one man’s junking-method-of-choice: swap meets. This guy is a hardcore devotee (i.e., one of our kind). Great pictures, and funny stuff — I cracked up at the story about the record swap where the score-hunting squirrels started showing up earlier and earlier, until they were all just meeting up the night before.
  • I Don’t Give A Damn is a true tale of a yard sale I’m really glad I didn’t go to. Small underground theatre companies, you have just found your newest short play.
  • Over at Sweetheartville, there’s been a mind-boggling rash of amazing thrift and garage sale scores. Dang, woman!
  • Finally, I cannot believe that this drool-worthy Heywood-Wakefield dining set was scored at a Salvation Army for a mere 39 bucks. Astounding! Her collection of ’50s lamps is also quite impressive.

That’s all for now … we’ll have more bloggy fun soon!

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