Entertaining books

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I don’t mean books that are about how to entertain people; I mean books that are entertaining to look at.

Two odd books

On the left, we have The Munchies Eatbook: or how to satisfy the hungries without eating everything in sight. I’m guessing that most people in a “munchies” situation aren’t really going to take the time to break out a recipe (when busting into a bag of Doritos is so much more convenient), but what do I know. Also, the little inset graphic of the strawberries shared between pairs of Rolling-Stones-logo-ish mouths is really pretty strange – I’ve spent way too much time pondering how they decided to go with that particular image.

On the right, we have a perfectly normal photography book … except for the squirrelly-looking dude on the cover. Those glasses! That mustache! Those beady eyes! That wrapped-around-the-camera posture! I’m not sure I want to know what he was taking pictures of.

These books were seen (but not purchased) at a sale the Saturday before last. I didn’t go to any sales at all last weekend.

3 Responses to Entertaining books

  1. VaxGirl says:

    I soooo think the guy on the photography book is in a “munchies” situation. I also think the picture on the munchies book looks somewhat um… vulgar, but I’m not sure why. Maybe I just have a dirty mind.

  2. becky says:

    It’s not a cookbook, just an “eatbook” so maybe if you open it up it says, “eat some Dorritos!” ha

    I bought a hippie dippy “Natural Foods” cookbook that’s pretty funny. The food is very much the typical brown glop of the 1970s. I’m a sucker for hand lettered cookbooks. (it goes well with my Uprisings book of recipes from co-op bakeries of the 1970s.)

  3. Meghan says:

    I remember we had the The Munchies Eatbook, odd since my mom didn’t smoke weed.