Top O’ The Mornin’: With Fish And Shellfish

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Okay, now here is a book that is both entertaining, and about entertaining. Ostensibly, anyway. I think it’s really more about freaking people out, because this charming little cookbook pamphlet is chock full of seafood breakfast dishes.

Top O' the Mornin'

The disgustingness just doesn’t stop with this one, with recipes like “Fluffy Salmon Omelet” and the gag-inducing “Peachy Scallops.” To be fair, a few of the recipes aren’t that bad; some, like pan-fried trout, sound perfectly tasty (although not necessarily for breakfast). “Clam-Corn Griddle Cakes” seem like an okay idea, in a savory-fritter kind of way … until you get to the part where they suggest serving them with cran-applesauce.

Clam-Corn Griddle Cakes

I bought this at a thrift store many years ago, but recently decided to send it on to a new home. I gave it to Rakka Deer at her recent retro food party. I apologize in advance to any future attendees if she actually decides to make and serve anything from this booklet.

2 Responses to Top O’ The Mornin’: With Fish And Shellfish

  1. vespabelle says:

    I think this book is just an excuse to use totally darling fish-themed plates!

  2. rakka says:

    you know i’m going to make something from this. you just KNOW it.

    thanks again for attending the party! the next one will be in sept and you’re all welcome to attend.