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$250,000 worth of oniomania

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Hmm … until today I had no idea that compulsive shopping is called Oniomania. Who knew?!? Maybe some of you have wiki’d that shit. I guess when you go to enough sales, there is going to be a darker side … Continue reading

Fantasies and Other Realities

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Saturday I was riding solo. (My husband said that makes the blog more boring, since we don’t get any extra dialog between us.) Honestly I knew that I wouldn’t be out that long, but I wanted to hit this sale … Continue reading

Olden-timey hunting photos

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Here are some recently unearthed old-time hunting photos from the estate sale last week. It seems like a stretch that these people would keep canning items covered with saran wrap for 25 years. Maybe this is the couple that the … Continue reading

Bad news bears

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Blogging on Thursday about sales on Saturday is my worst (lazy) pet-peeve. I forget half of the amusing things that happened. It makes me irritated with myself. In good news, it was nice out and there were more than four … Continue reading

Teeny tiny signy

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Some of you might remember that I had been in Australia last year for my honeymoon. I hadn’t really planned to thrift or even hit sales while I was there. One day at a coffee shop in Melbourne I did … Continue reading

Hillbilly pickers and the smell from hell

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Before last Saturday, Jenny and I hadn’t been to sales in months … I don’t think that is 100% true, but nothing blogworthy. We have had some book reports planned, but that usually ends up being us talking about book … Continue reading

More Items from Our Not-Very-Funny Catalog

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How could a trying-to-be-tongue-in-cheek humor book making fun of ’80s L.L. Bean catalogs end up being so not funny? And it’s supposed to be funny. It definitely hits the style of the L.L. Bean catalogs, which do sometimes tend to … Continue reading

“HOW TO” write a demented garage sale decorating book

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It’s been a while since I have done a book review, but then I saw this at my local thrift store. Why, it looks like a great gag gift for Jenny! It’s the Garage Sale Decorator’s Bible, by Shelley Kincaid. … Continue reading