Olden-timey hunting photos

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Here are some recently unearthed old-time hunting photos from the estate sale last week. It seems like a stretch that these people would keep canning items covered with saran wrap for 25 years.

Hunter and deer

Maybe this is the couple that the letters that Jenny mentioned are about. We will never know.

Hunter couple and deer

When hunting and camping was all the rage and you needed to have your hair “set” each week, so you better keep it in a scarf. Long before Cabin Chic. It’s a wonder how they just got by with a nice wool jacket instead of the fancy base layers, digital equipment and camouflage.

Grabbing the antler

I am amazed they didn’t take a photo of the deer strapped onto their truck.

The hunters' truck

Or maybe they did and I was just unable to find it while digging into piles of clothing mixed with mouse traps.

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