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Instant Hoard-On with Bowie and Alf

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Meghan hit some sales last Friday. I don’t think she bought much, but she did see this amazing sign. Sadly, their sale didn’t, um, perform as advertised, at least for Meghan and her friend. But they get high marks for … Continue reading

Yard sales of the cat people

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After about a month away from yard sales it was time to get back in the saddle last weekend! On Friday I went to craigslist to do the usual list-making routine, happy that it was July and the weather looked … Continue reading

Another year, another sale

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Just about every year, Meghan and I have a yard sale — we’ve blogged about many of them. Last year we did it at my house and in that post I outlined some of the things that always seem to … Continue reading

Dental tools, tiny hot dogs, and so much more

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Last weekend started off with an unusual event: Meghan’s husband Dan came to sales with us! Readers of this blog probably know of him mainly from Meghan’s frequent comments about how she will end up divorced if she brings various … Continue reading

Wettier Heights

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Last weekend was the Whittier Heights neighborhood garage sale day. This is sometimes good, sometimes “eh.” And there is always a high concentration of kid stuff. But it’s always nice when we don’t have to make a list and can … Continue reading

Oh, the things that we saw

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The Greenwood-Phinney neighborhood sale is one of our favorite big sale days. Partly because we have been going to it for a long time — probably more than ten years by now. Back when it was held in April, we … Continue reading

Wackiest record covers at yard sales

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I’ve been seeing a few collections of the worst, funniest, or most ridiculous LP covers here and there. We’ve certainly encountered our share of gems in the wild, so I thought I’d put together a post of our own. Both … Continue reading

Pinterest is jealous of this Speculite

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There were plenty of sales listed on Saturday! One of them was listed as a “digger estate sale” urging shoppers to bring gloves and be cautious. Those kinds of ads are always somehow alluring and repellent at the same time, … Continue reading