Yard sales of the cat people

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Sign on ground with balloons

After about a month away from yard sales it was time to get back in the saddle last weekend! On Friday I went to craigslist to do the usual list-making routine, happy that it was July and the weather looked nice and thus there were plenty of sales to be had. For some reason, there seemed to be a rash of ads with really odd photos in them … here’s one example. (The ad pretty much just said “Grandma is downsizing!”)

That wasn’t quite as strange as this picture, inexplicably added into an ad listing “BEADS BEADS BEADS … AND A PROPANE DEEP FRYER (FOR THE DUDES)”:

Okay then! As it turned out, at our first sale I found an item that, now that I think of it, sort of fits in with both of those pics: Tarot of the Cat People. I purchased this for my cat-loving daughter, not realizing how wacky it truly was (when I looked closer, I learned that it’s set “in the fantasy world of the Outer Regions, where the Cat People live”). Somehow Meghan began singing a song with the lyrics “Tarot of the Cat People” … yes, it’s sad that we don’t have audio, but whatever you are thinking is probably pretty close.

We cruised around our area for a while, passing up two different estate sales with lines out front in favor of random yard sales that were open for biz. As often happens when nearly a week passes before blogging, many of these have blended together in my mind … thankfully, we took pics of lots of odd items that pretty much speak for themselves.

Parking For Norwegians Only

Wacky clothes

Bride and groom paper dolls

Jesus light

Key blanks

But wait! There’s more …

"The Inconspicuous"

Football player lamp

Confederate Cannon Balls

Yes, Confederate Cannon Ball appetizers. (They’re tangy AND subtle!) We did spot signs for a garage sale that really should have been listed as DOLL SALE.

Doll garage

It was here that Meghan and I discussed that maybe we should have better hand signals when trying to sneak photos, since she was motioning me to stay put and I thought she wanted me to move out of the way.


It was late enough that we figured the estate sales would be less crazy, so we went back to the one that seemed most promising, listed as “time stopped in 1970 digger sale.” The first thing we saw when we walked in? This amazing Spin Art sign.

"You Are The Artist"

There were more signs strewn about — several carved into wood plaques. It seemed like someone had some carnival type business going on.

Cashier Inside

The wood signs were priced at $12, which seemed high, though now I am half-regretting not purchasing “Adults $1.00, Minors .50.”

Adults $1.00, Minors .50

Calling this a digger sale really seemed like a stretch. Compared to your typical jam-packed estate sale, there just wasn’t that much there.

Clothes and record

I did ogle the pile of vintage curtains and fabric, although I have long since stopped allowing myself to randomly purchase this sort of thing.

Fabrics and curtains

After quickly perusing the upstairs, we headed to the basement. Yes, we used caution.

Caution caution caution

It was very tidy downstairs.

The basement

Apparently the guy had been an engineer.

Engineer's basement

Pencil holders

I guess he liked to bring his work home with him.

Fuses n' more

There were a few signs of hoarderiness, but it was pretty under control.

Basement pantry


TV Lap and Bed Tray

Though this was a bit disturbing to see.


I didn’t end up purchasing anything, but Meghan grabbed this old Sunny Jim can based purely on the fact that it is really strange to see a peanut with a Hitler mustache.

Peanut with a Hitler mustache

Driving away, we laughed at this tiny little sale sign on a stop sign pole. Can you read it? Neither could we.

Tiny little sale sign

We went off to a block sale, but it was bad. Half the houses seemed to have just given up on their sales, with stuff on the lawn but no one in sight.

Abandoned sale

We drove off to this “Awesome” sale (that wasn’t) …


And then spotted these eye-catching “jumble sale” signs.


This turned out to be a sale that we we had been hitting on a regular basis a few years back with vintage textiles, clothing, and miscellaneous cool stuff. The seller reads this blog (HI!) and it was nice to see her again, even though this time neither of us bought anything.

We headed home, talking about a sale I’d seen an ad for that based on the location, we figured was this awful “perma-sale” that had been going 24-7 (literally) for the past ten days or so … leaving their stuff outside around the clock, even through a few rainstorms. We planned to stay away, but when we drove past we saw a separate sale at the house next door. Their sale actually turned out to be pretty cool. The people were friendly and they had fun stuff.

Cat painting on chair

Meghan kind of loved these antlers, but they were asking something like $75 so she passed.

Cocktail Pep and antlers

I thought this humongo sign was pretty great.


That was it for the day. And I realize now that I have barely talked about anything we actually purchased … though as you can see from the trunk, we did buy a few items. The only thing I will mention is that Meghan bought a couple of L.A.M.B purses that seemed to have never been used for $40 (from a lady who was nice, but a bit odd, and seemed to practically have a mental shutdown when I tried to pay for a $2 item with a 20-dollar bill). When she got home, she found that inside one of the purses was ANOTHER purse, which still had its Nordstrom price tag on. It had been purchased for around $200. Score!

Junk In My Trunk 7-21-12

Not the greatest day, but not bad — and as far as I can tell, the earth did not collide with Nibiru on Saturday, so that was a bonus.

12 Responses to Yard sales of the cat people

  1. Love your way of blogging! Very funny and entertaining! I read while I was taking a break from painting my daughters room. I’m looking forward to going out tomorrow. Good Times Pickin’! :o)~

  2. gina says:

    Peanut with a Hitler ‘stache and the Peanut Butter Wolf (love the finds and commentary as always!)

  3. SixBalloons says:

    Are those handcuffs on the key peg board?

  4. sveltSTUFF says:

    I am an EARLY morning person.
    I allow myself the guilty pleasure of a leisurely coffee (or 2) while perusing my ‘usuals’ (bloglist). I may not comment often, but I am taking a few moments this morning to say ‘THANK YOU’ for your Random Bits that I have come to enjoy!

  5. Howard M Beers says:

    The picture of the doorway with the “CAUTION” tape has caused me to have a flashback (the pleasant kind). This appears to have been shot from the kitchen of my cousin’s home, though it’s here in Indiana. There’s a couple steps down to the landing for the door which leads to the back yard. To the right, just out of frame, is a small alcove with a small dining table and a couple chairs. To the left of that partition where the fire extinguisher hangs is the refrigerator, and then the stove.

    If you step down to the landing, to your left is the stairway to the basement, a little steep and with a low ceiling that makes you want to duck down a bit as you descend. At least it does if you’re a man of my stature (which I’m thinking you’re not) and you’re carrying a tray of deviled eggs or some other such Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving food related item. I’ve got to get a copy of this picture for my cousin, Just looking at this makes me reflexively tilt my head toward my right shoulder!

    And why would you say that the peanut character on the Sunny Jim can is wearing a “Hitler” moustache? Well, because it obviuosly sounds funnier that way. But I have to think that it’s actually styled after an Oliver Hardy “cookie duster”. For a kid’s product like peanut butter ol’ Ollie is certainly more jocular and mirthful than Adolf ever hoped to be!

  6. Jennifer says:

    You don’t buy vintage clothing??? There is an amazing vintage bra or bikini top in the 3rd or so pic down, plus the champagne colored jacket with the clear beading…and the 50’s red dress…tell me you didn’t leave those behind?

  7. Melissa says:

    Creepy dolls, plug-in Jesus, awesome vintage fabrics….you hit the jackpot! All I’ve seen recently is kids’ clothing, mismatched disposable plastic crap, and …. uh, that’s it.

    Good catch on the Sunny Jim container!

  8. Silver says:

    “Obsessive Compulisve Action Figure” . . . more information please!!

  9. Jenny says:

    SixBalloons, yes! Handcuffs!

    Jennifer, we both buy plenty of vintage clothing (100+ trunk photos don’t lie) but we don’t buy everything. The red dress was priced pretty high, the sequined bra fell into the “let’s just take a picture and leave it for someone else” category.

    Silver, pretty sure Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure came from local wacko store Archie McPhee (http://www.mcphee.com).

  10. Silver says:

    Oh I followed that link Jenny – in my mind I”ve just spent at least half the money I have any prospect of earning during the next month 🙂

  11. SixBalloons says:

    Among the short list of items one probably shouldn’t thrift : handcuffs. Haha!

  12. marina says:

    love the obsessive compulsive action figure and the IV drip bag! 🙂