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Five Years of Adventures in Yard Sale Land

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Hard to believe, but today marks five whole years since we launched this blog. I think that’s practically middle-aged in Internet terms, though we seem to still be in the “bratty toddler” stage. There’s been joy, there’s been horrors, and … Continue reading

A sad Saturday

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Last Saturday was rainy and cold and there really weren’t many sales listed. I had seen ads for some kind of rummage sale at the Swedish Cultural Center so I figured that might be good. Later I noticed an ad … Continue reading

You are not a store

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There were not a ton of sales last Saturday, but we were itching to go out after nearly a month’s hiatus. Karl even joined us, for the first time in ages – first regaling us with tales of an estate … Continue reading

Goth art and chili cook-offs

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We only hit a few sales last weekend and for a while I didn’t even think there would be enough for a blog post. The first two were too boring to even mention. The next was something listed as a … Continue reading

267 rabbit pelts … and snow

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Meghan forwarded me an email for an estate sale that listed a pretty typical mix of stuff: tools, antiques, furniture, jewelry … and “267 rabbit pelts in good condition.” That’s right, 267. Someone counted. So naturally, we decided to check … Continue reading

Christmas crap

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I know we always slow down on posts at this time of year, but it’s been getting ridiculous. Nearly two months without a post! Though it hasn’t been quite that long without a sale. I have hit two separate estate … Continue reading

Not for the faint of heart

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Meghan was out of town last weekend and as a result, she wasn’t there for what turned out to be a very bizarre day of sales for me and Karl. Our first stop was listed as “Kind of a digger … Continue reading

Scary time of year

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My parents were in town last weekend and my mom came to sales with me and Meghan as our special guest star. I’ve been to yard sales with my mom many a time, but I think this is the first … Continue reading