“Epic” yard sale day

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The weather has been sort of freakishly nice in Seattle for the last couple of months. So last Saturday it still really felt like yard sale season … even though we know full well that October is when sales really slow down around here (and the few there are tend to be questionable). Still, we headed out with a list of possibilities, hoping for the best. One of them had been listed as “EPIC YARD SALE” and had signs galore promising the same.

"EPIC" sale

After looking around, all I can say is that perhaps they are interpreting the word in their own special way. I’m not sure anyone has ever used “epic” to describe used crockpots and George Foreman grills.

Crockpots and crap

The rest of the sale was pretty bad and Meghan even spotted a neti pot — used. Gross! As far as I’m concerned, once that thing goes up your nose, you own it for life.

Our next stop didn’t look too bad from a distance …

Approaching the garage sale

… but up close it was a bit sketchy.

Free: Breast Pump Stuff

We’ve joked about the “top three things not to have at your yard sale” before, but let me add that anything that has come in close contact with an intimate part of one’s body probably deserves an honorary place on that list.

It wasn’t all scary … these school desks with years of carved graffiti were pretty cool, though it’s not like I have a place for them or wanted to spend $65.

School desk

An hour or two in I still hadn’t purchased anything. Meghan picked up a cute vintage dress for $2 so the day wasn’t a total bust. But it didn’t seem to be going great … especially when we came across this!

Neti pot at yard sale

Another one?! At least this time it wasn’t used … but still. Meghan stated that it was not acceptable if “neti pots” were the theme of the day, and I wholeheartedly agreed. But the only other possible themes that presented itself wasn’t t much better … creepy angels and elves, anyone?

Demented angel

Angels with candles

Evil elf

At least there was some comic relief. When we drove up to an intersection and saw this sign with arrows pointing in two completely different directions, we laughed for a solid minute.

Yard Sale Ahead

We had just about decided to call it a day when we saw signs for a church rummage sale. I hadn’t seen any listings for it, but when we got there we both recognized it from last year and remembered it being pretty good. It was around 11:00 and they seemed to have just opened, judging from the people just putting up signs out front … and the fact that there were several prime pieces of vintage clothing sitting there waiting for Meghan to purchase them for a few bucks each.

Church rummage sale

I remembered the books being good last time and started accumulating a pile. Some of them were advance reader copies but lots were just recent purchases someone had decided to get rid of. I spent six dollars and filled most of a small box.

That one sale sort of saved the day for us … it’s really the only reason we even have a trunk shot this week!

Junk In My Trunk 10-6-12

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