Rummaging with the family

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My mom and aunt had threatened to come down from Bellingham for sales last weekend. I say threatened, since they usually flake. When they do come, my mom is unable to read any street signs or navigate to any addresses, so I end up being really crabby.

I was sort of excited that Jenny would be coming along, but at the last minute she bailed (just like last time … hmm … I am seeing a trend). She said was sick, but she did email over an organized list of sales, so it’s hard to fault her. I looked over the list and gave my mom a primer on how to read it, then pretty much got a plan in my head for the first few sales.

I had driven by the Bright Street rummage sale a few days before. I was pretty excited about this one, since I had hit a great sale there about four years ago. Not exactly what I expected, no clothing (they said they didn’t want to deal with it) but tons of books and kids crap. The flipside was it was all cheap, like a dime cheap.

Rummage sale

My mom filled half the car in the matter of about 20 minutes. This reminded me of the time that she purchased so much stuff at yard sales that no one else could buy anything because there was no room left in the car. When I mentioned this, she just told me to shut up.

After that we hit what Jenny and I probably would have been calling the “two hot lesbians sale,” but since I was with my family …

Intriguing sale

They had tons of great furniture, mannequins, and all sorts of sex, gender, and identity-based literature!

We hit a few more sales. Folks started putting out tarps and at points it did start to rain. This moving sale that bunny was lounging at really didn’t have anything.

Sad bunny

I am just not all that sure why you would have a moving sale if you only planned on selling a few items. Why not just drive it all to the Goodwill? When I have a moving sale I get rid of loads of stuff, since I am unwilling to force friends and family into helping me move crap that I should just get rid of. Okay, that isn’t completely true, but I do try to get rid of stuff.

Driveway sale

Last stop was an estate sale in no-sidewalk-land. The only thing that I sort of wanted was this Race Trap game.

Race Trap

The sale didn’t have anything amazing, but the house was very ’60s and I like walking around in people’s homes (as long as the death vibe is at a minimum, a.k.a. not like last week).

Sadly, without Jenny there I forgot all about taking a trunk photo!

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