I am number 15

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With Jenny still out of town I saw an ad for an estate sale about 16 blocks from my house starting at 8:00 AM. I drank some coffee and went out to put my name on the list at 6:50 AM — I think that’s a first. Then I went home for another cup of coffee.

When I got back in line, the BS was already starting… “I have been here in line!” “That isn’t even their list.” “I would be number 25, but I didn’t put my name on, since it’s not their list.”

I replied: “I am number 15 and I got out of bed and came here before 7:00 AM, so I don’t care what your deal is, but I am number 15.”

In the end it didn’t really matter, since they let all 50 people in right away. It wasn’t an amazing sale — $1 records for $5 (that this cute hipster girl was digging in) and some ’80s stuff, but it looked like most of the really old stuff had been cleared out many years ago.

I picked up a couple of things, but I was more into checking out the huge clutter in the back yard.

Pile #3

Pile #1

Pile #2

And also these boxes in the garage.

Boxes and rakes

On my way to a few more sales I saw a sign for a block sale that just turned out to be “sock guy” (or as Jenny calls it “sock guy sale”) – he was a sales rep for super high-end sports socks for a while and later for Patagonia, so he usually has good, cheap new items and is a super nice guy. Sadly, no one else on his street had set up yet.

I had posted an ad about a ex-hipster moving sale to our Facebook page — this ended up being a woman that Jenny knew from long ago on the thrift-list. I took a photo of her huge 8-track collection, but I was in full control after just getting rid of so much stuff at our yard sale four weeks ago.

8-track bonanza

I also saw this great table of stuff.

Dream catcher n' stuff

And ran into the guy that had been moaning about me being number 15 at the estate sale. I can only imagine that the exercise treadmill was back in their garage before the day was done.

Outdoor sale with treadmill

Then I hit this really great sale of sort of high-end stuff, I was pretty in control again, but did grab a great Marc Jacobs necklace for $2 and a chunky coral necklace for $3. I sort of wished I had hit this sale a little earlier, but how do you know?

At the last sale the woman had a different bunch of hipster stuff, but she let me take a photo of her amazing Hamburger, Fries and Oreo sewing pattern.

Food sewing pattern ...

I went home after that … happy enough with my purchases even if it wasn’t really enough for a trunk shot.

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