Saling solo

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Yeah, it seems like we haven’t been to many sales in awhile. I went out a couple of weeks ago and it was so boring I didn’t want the blog to be called “Why bother.” Then I went to a crappy Friday church sale that was a complete bust. I hit another Friday church sale before work at 8:00 and purchased a pair of vintage leather chaps. The problem is that one sale usually doesn’t make a blog post and since Jenny has been in Europe, me blogging about going out alone to sales can be a total yawn fest.

The first sale I hit last Saturday started at 8:00 AM and said designer jeans, Le Creuset, tons of books For once I wished I had a little baby or toddler. The sweetest, super high-end and cheap baby clothing for a little girl. CUTE. I did score three pairs of spendy jeans for $8 each.

The next sale was an estate sale near Greenlake and when I arrived for the 8:30 sale a ton of folks were standing around trying to work out where the sale was, finally knocking on the front door. Just as we had all decided to drive off a guy arrived from the back yard motioning us to come check stuff out.

They did have tons of stuff, but nothing that I needed to have.

Covered sale

I did like this old Jockey advertisement.

Butts and bartender

Next was another back yard sale. This one thought ahead about giving some indication about where to go.

Sign on stairs

The sale was a bit of a bust, but they did have good taste in movie posters.


At the next sale I picked up a copy of the Anthology of American Folk Music for $25. I have a copy already, but it’s one of those things you don’t see that often and I could hand it off to a friend.

Some sale

I hit a couple more sales and it was just the pits and I was driving all over the place.

Sunny garage/sidewalk sale

My final sale was one that I sure wish I would have hit a little earlier, since I saw folks leaving with items from their free box that I would have grabbed in a heartbeat. One woman was carting off a ton of Red Flower products.

I did end up getting a ton of new Kiehl’s and Aveda products for a dollar. She was moving and just clearing everything out. On the very top of one shelf I found a vintage ’50s Lucite and beaded purse for a whopping $10. That pretty much made my day. I headed home after that.

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