Circle skirts and crusty phones

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We had a limited amount of time for sales on Saturday, but thought we’d get out for a quick run. Conveniently, our first stop was just down the street. I wasn’t sure if it would be that great, but the mention of multiple sellers getting rid of designer and vintage items sounded promising.

Meghan had remembered hitting a sale here before, but this time there were multiple sellers. They had some great stuff and a huge selection!

Glassware table

Poodle picture

Doggie napkins

They were just starting to bring out some racks of clothes — Meghan nearly screamed when she saw not one, not two, but three vintage Mexican circle skirts come out. She grabbed ’em all up quick and dug through the rest. I scored a very cool winter coat (not that exciting when summer has finally rolled around, but I’ll be happy in a few months) and a windbreaker with crazy patches on it. We contemplated buying these matching green jackets and wearing them around somewhere, but ultimately passed.

Three green jackets

The more I looked around the more I was picking up — Israeli boots, a Fiestaware butter dish, an apron made with Hawaiian fabric … I finally had to ask for a box. I had fully fallen into “sure, throw it in the pile” mode. Right after snapping this picture, I thought “hey, that lion is pretty cool” — into the box it went.

Vases, lion, tupperware

Meghan started getting rung up — it was a pretty slow process. While she was waiting, guess who showed up and started digging through the jewelry? Annoying Jewelry Guy! Apparently he started making weird and mildly pervy comments to her after spotting a pair of boots she was holding — “Oh, are those your go-go boots? Are you going to wear those with your go-go skirt?” I missed this whole thing, and I’m glad because I’m so skeeved out even thinking about it — not least because I have hardly ever heard him say anything other than “Got any jewelry?” I got in line to pay and one of the sellers came up saying “whose car is that?” Someone had blocked their driveway — one guess who the bad park-er was. When she asked him to move his car he was so odd about it and at first refused, then skulked away. When I finally had a chance to pay, Meghan started talking to some people she knew who revealed that they don’t call him Jewelry Guy, they call him “Ten-Dollar Guy” because they always see him make a huge pile of stuff at a sale and then say “How about ten dollars?” no matter how much the stuff was originally marked. He also attempted to buy the rings off of one of the seller’s hands. Have I mentioned we don’t like this guy very much? But not even his odd and obnoxious behavior could really dampen our sale high, and we both walked off in desperate need of more cash, but very pleased with our purchases.

Next was a “block sale” with only one sale (I couldn’t really bitch after pretty much doing the same thing at our last sale), and then an address that seemed vaguely familiar — egads! The sale at the creepy doll house is ON! Now, I don’t feel like my photo from last time truly conveyed the oddness of the doll display. Let’s have a close-up, shall we?

Creepy doll collection

Scurrying away from those dolls before they could come alive and suck up our souls, we went around to the back … passing this fountain on the way.

Horse fountain with duckie

I wasn’t sure what would be waiting for us back there. Dolls? Ax murderers? No … just a lot of junk.

Unwanted yard sale junk

Crap on yard sale table

Most of it looked like it had been stored away for a long, long time. Like this whole box of phones.

Box of crusty phones

And hey, remember Toughskins jeans? Well, they had some.


Do you really have to ask? We didn’t buy a thing here.

The next few sales were mostly duds. I was glad I didn’t need anything from this sale …

Yard sale mole trap

And I’m pretty sure that nobody needs any of these VHS tapes.

Too many VHS tapes

We hit a sale that hadn’t quite opened yet, and as we were walking up to check it out, two women came walking away shaking their heads and muttering as a warning “hamster balls.” Yeah, that looked like about all they had — we didn’t wait around for to find out more.

We made a quick snack break, then hit a sale where Meghan purchased this item (surely inspired by the Ballard Driving Academy skit from Almost Live).

Ballard Academy of Driving

Later I purchased a cool vintage thermos and a 1976 pamphlet called “How To Make Your Own Moonshine.”

One of our last stops was mostly kid items, but we spotted this sign. I knew that mentioning Antique Roadshow was probably a bad sign.

Collectible Items Are In The Back

Sure enough, it was CRAP. Worse, the seller forced us to listen to a verbal tour of all the craps, telling us how collectible her vases were (they looked like the kind that florists give you when you buy a bouquet, and that every thrift store is filled with) and trying to convince Meghan that some boring ashtray would be a great “decorative piece”, even when you don’t smoke. To be fair, I have seen ashtrays that could be considered decorative pieces. This was not one of them. We left muttering “more like Goodwill, here we come.”

And that was that for the day — we couldn’t resist spreading one of those purty skirts out in the trunk for you …

Junk In My Trunk 8-20-11

14 Responses to Circle skirts and crusty phones

  1. colleen says:

    “…verbal tour of all the craps” – I love the plural crap. And the skirt.

  2. Jenny says:

    OMG Colleen – that was a total accident but I kinda love it too now!

  3. Holly says:

    I too enjoyed the tour of the “craps”. And I would probably faint dead if I found those skirts. I have one that I love more than pie, but my love of pie has somehow caused it to shrink…

  4. Meghan says:

    2 of the skirts didn’t fit and will be going to ebay. one needs to have a little sewing, but fits me great. So, I am SUPER happy about that. They had not been cheap, she knew what she had, but to get one that fits me is fine.

  5. Melissa says:

    OMG, sooooooo envious of the skirts-score! I think I would keep them even if they didn’t fit, the fabric is amazing. (And a Fiesta butter dish? Yay!)

    And ….”craps” is not just for Las Vegas anymore! I am totally going to start using the plural on ALL occasions.

  6. Betty says:

    !st time commenter here, et up with jealousy about the skirts! Way cool score, it’s been a lean year here in yard sales

  7. sharon says:

    So, i see the latest trend is framed poodles. Lord help us all……
    Thanks so much for the stellar assessments of the piles of stuff- i have been holding on to a TENT in my yard collecting stuff for the next sale, but my best friend and garage sale partner died in Feb and haven’t had the heart to throw one this summer…. yet. Maybe i will sucker in my son to become my helper.

    Having you 2 out there gives me the jollies to probably pull the craps (god i love that too!) out of storage and sell off summore of the life detritus. Thanks.

  8. Pat says:

    My daughter and her friend would call stuff they saw on their travels “little craps” and we all picked up on it so now all little crappy stuff AND great little finds are called “little craps”. It’s a great descriptive!

  9. theclone says:

    Yes Lord of the Dance,the Rings,and of the Flies help me. To find all the poodles framed or otherwise to add to my collection.Amen.

  10. Ester Jean says:

    Meghan, I love that you sew! I saw the photo of your “leftover” vintage fabric pieces from your last sale and really wished I could have bought them from you. I don’t have space to do much sewing anymore, but I love seeing pics of the stuff you get (especially vintage patterns!). It’s too bad the box of phones look so icky. I once saw on fredflare(dot)com a clunky hand-piece from one of the older rotary phones that you can plug into your cell phone and I have regretted ever since that I did not buy it. I can only imagine sitting at a stop light in the car with one of those on my shoulder, chatting with my best friend, and people wondering wtf kind of phone that is. Bla, bla, bla…. wish I was going yard-saleing đŸ™‚

  11. Judy says:

    Boy, you found some great stuff! Did you notice the pink sign had “Colllectibles” spelt wrong (three “Ls”?? Very funny!

  12. Jenny says:

    Wow – I totally missed the 3 L’s! Can’t believe I missed that opportunity for extra mocking.

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