Labor Day luck of the draw

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Saturday sales didn’t look that great. Labor Day weekend (or any holiday weekend) can be sort of a drag, since most people leave town — including Jenny, this time. Karl was going to come meet me, but since it seemed like so few sales I told him that he shouldn’t even bother driving across town.

The first sale that I hit turned out to be really good. They had would I would call “high-end-normal-clothes” meaning stuff that I wear to my job, but I won’t pay $48 for at J. Crew. She had a bunch of nice stuff, so I filled a bag (along with getting a really nice Burberry belt for $20 –- something I would never purchase retail) I had spent $60 and it wasn’t even 8:40 in the morning.

Curbside stuff

The next sale that started at 8:30 wasn’t even happening, so I thought I would drive by one that didn’t list a time just to see if they were ready. The ad said “moving to Japan” (which usually means getting rid of everything) and tons of women’s clothing. Well, her taste was pretty bad (tons of clothing from Wet Seal, worn out H&M, etc.) but he was into horror/gore and good comic books and movies. Most of it wasn’t unpacked yet, so it was cool to be the first one there. The guy below spent the whole time on the phone asking a friend about the boxes of comics that he should or shouldn’t buy to resell.

Digging through the junk

In the very large free pile I picked up a free men’s tux. I figure even just for Halloween that was worthy.

Stuff at a sale

I was also really into his bulletin board – I mean I don’t want to own stuff that someone saved like this, but to see the entire thing preserved is sort of cool.

Bulletin board at yard sale

I purchased a ton of books and movies here, but after this it was pretty much a bust.

Lemonade/yard sale chalkboard

Tons of kids stuff -– no thank you.

Sign on chair on car

Great signs, but your sale doesn’t have anything good.

Garage sale shutters

Don't Like The Prices?

I finally gave up at 10:15.

Junk In My Trunk 9-2-11

2 Responses to Labor Day luck of the draw

  1. Into Vintage says:

    It feels like that time of year where seller’s enthusiasm for their own sales is lame at best. Last weekend I spent my entire y.s. budget on one thing but I had to have it (a giant vintage Santa). I even drove away to think about it and played that game ‘if it’s still there when I go back…’. It was. One of the benefits of the small town where I live – not much competition.

  2. Melissa says:

    Labor Day yard sales here (Portland) were a bust this year. But hey, you got work clothes – think of the $$ you saved, even if you spent $60. Score!