Better sale this way

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Oh, Saturday. Oh, Mt. Baker community sale. Home of Sweet and Savory and one of the few reasons that we could be writing a food blog.

Mount Baker Community Yard Sale

Drive over to meet Karl after having a pretty good Friday. Grab a treat and then start hitting some sales. We ran into Spencer from The Anne Bonny. I knew that he was hitting sales in the South end, but since we usually hit Ballard, I never run into him. Chatted for a moment, but we had sales to hit.

At one sale they had tons of clothing in bags and strewn all over the lawn. It wasn’t bad stuff, but only if you are a size 2.

Clothes at yard sale

I did pick up a Diane Von Furstenberg silk dress in one of their messes. There was a guy at this sale and I kept thinking I knew him, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Hmm, if I squint and imagine I have on beer goggles will I remember him? Aha, I went on a horrible date with that guy 20 years ago! Ehg. Get me out of here!

We hit a block sale with about 5 sales.

Big ol' sale

One had records, so Karl was happy, and the owner let Karl know that he was the first person to purchase any records. I have learned that if I want to buy any decent records with Karl, I have to get to the stack before him. Some douche at the sale had purchased 100 DVDs from them. Both Karl and I made comments about how it was going to take a really long time to watch all of them. Maybe only funny to us, since it was so obvious that he purchased them for resale.

I think that Karl was a little sensitive that the south end might be a bust for me after last time. The Alley sale didn’t really help, since Karl bristled the second we saw his yard sale nemesis. She just seemed like an annoying mom to me, but Karl had a few stories to tell about her bumbling ways. Here is a question — if you have more than one nemesis, what is that called?

Yard Sale In Alley

The Alley sale was a massive bust. I am really getting tired of people thinking that crap from Old Navy or Wal-Mart holds any value. Just take it to the Goodwill or better yet stop buying so much junk.

After hitting more sales, Karl get a call from a friend saying that he’d just gone to this great sale at the very end of Beacon Hill and that we should really go check it out. We drive and drive for what seems like 20 minutes to hit one of the worst sales I have ever been to. Tons and tons of horrible clothing and everything was a little too dingy and sort of like it had all been outside the night before. All told, the entire drive there and back took almost an hour of prime sale time. Honestly, with friends like that guy, who needs enemies.

Since we both needed a massive unicorn chaser to clear out the bad juju’s from the Beacon Hill sale, Karl made us hit the Yesler’s Mews sale. A nice little blend of drag queen, neighbors, and someone moving, mixed into one sale.

Mews sale

What did I see when I started to walk up the stairs? This amazing sign.

Better Sale This Way

Great way to get folks to come to your sale and insult your neighbors at the same time.

When I was getting ready to drop Karl back off at his car we hit a sale in an old gas station. I think the “urge to purge” is a permanent sign.

Urge to Purge

We did manage to fill the trunk once again …

Junk In My Trunk 8-8-09

4 Responses to Better sale this way

  1. Karen in Tacoma says:

    I laughed out loud at the “Better Sale This Way” and your comment – Great way to get folks to come to your sale and insult your neighbors at the same time.

    I believe the plural of nemesis – nemeses 🙂 and I have experienced people like that too at sales. I have also found that when I’ve had sales that there are always those one or two people that it seems to be their mission in life to come to your sale and make you miserable. Why is that? I’ve also had that same experience where someone says they went to this awesome sale and you should go too, and you get there it’s lame.

    Also, I love the hat in your trunk.

  2. Jenny says:

    OK – best plural ever!!

  3. Melissa says:

    Mt Baker! Hey, that’s my old neighborhood.