Stupid sale day

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With Jenny out of town I had asked Karl if he wanted to hit some sales and what did he come back with? Madrona neighborhood sale! Karl even promised to pull together a list of sales and/or a map. Throw in Sweet and Savory baked goods … How could I go wrong, right?

Well, to start out with I had a bloody nose that seemed to go on for about 30 minutes, making me late leaving the house. I started to drive across town and noticed a sign for a “Stupid Sale” – wow, I should get a photo of that. NO CAMERA. Turn around and go back home. Now I am super late. Haul ass to Sweet and Savory while calling Karl on the phone.

Karl already has a feeling this day is going “to rock” and we start out at the Madrona School sale that had advertised multiple sellers.

Garage Sale Doorway

The majority of stuff wasn’t priced and when I asked about that I was told, “Just make an offer. It’s all for the school.” O.K., great. Then 5 minutes later she got really upset with someone that made an offer. Hmm… Karl did find a couple of records and we picked up a sale map, so it wasn’t a total waste.

Maps Here

We hit about 20 sales over the course of the next 3 hours, but really it was just a plain old bust. Too much crap from the Gap and way too much baby stuff. Karl even made a comment that I needed to be careful or I might end up spontaneously pregnant if we stayed in Madrona for too long.

Case in point:


O.K., I know you want your kid to take part in the sale, but maybe not making the sign which is supposed to get folks to your sale.

We drove up to one sale that I really didn’t want to stop at.

Along the driveway

Karl spotted some Bose speakers from the ’70s and after talking the guy down to $50 we loaded them into the car.

After only buying baked goods and a few CDs, I was pretty much ready to call it a day. On the way home I tried to go to the Stupid Sale, but it turned out to be so stupid that I couldn’t even find it.

Stupid Sale