Fifty cent baby, and other finds

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My mom has been wanting to come down and hit some sales for a while now, but as readers might remember, my mom can’t read any street signs or navigate. Fun, eh? Since my Friday sales have been so good, I thought she might want to drive down to Seattle and I would get a sale list together for Friday. I created the list with each address in HUGE font + bold and underline. How could anyone not read that? Then I put a number next to each sale based on what sounded good.

Our first two sales didn’t seem to be open yet, ten minutes before they were due to start. We drove back and forth between the two sales until 9:00.

The first sale was mostly baby stuff, but I did see a sort of nice woman’s 40s or maybe 50s jacket. When I asked the price I started to get a long story about the jacket. I started to walk away from her story about how rare the fabric was and how it wasn’t allowed in the country in the 50s… She said “O.K., how about $5?” SOLD. Later on I did look up the fabric and it’s Vicuna and it is rare. For once I should listened to the story!

We head back to the other sale and they aren’t unpacked at all, boxes of musty paper and old books. JUNK.

After that we needed to work out what sale to hit next. One estate sale was started at 10, but it’s 9:30 and we would be about 20 min. early. I know that the major pickers think nothing of going many hours early, but that just isn’t our style. We thought we would just drive by and see how it was going.

Estate sale exterior

The sale was in full swing and was huge.

More estate sale junk

There was crap all over the lawn, in the house and in the back yard.

Estate sale menagerie

A woman that I see at sales (that always hits them early, and who I have seen score stuff right before me over and over again) had a huge pile started of vintage lamp shades and kitchenware. Ehg. The second I see her I just groan internally. But the sale was good, I hit the large 25 cent area and picked up some old sun glasses and a couple of purses.

Estate sale stuff

I did stay away from this HUGE bunch of cleaning products right next to the 25 cent area.

Cleaning products anyone?

I was just taking my time, since picker lady was rushing around like a crazy person adding stuff to her “pile” and being very “Those are mine! I already bought that! That is my pile!” (You can see why I can’t stand her, right?)

With all that said, I still had amazing luck at this sale. I hit the fabric room and picked up two large barkcloth drapes, more fabric and a few other vintage sewing items. Then I hit one of his closets and picked up two 50s gabardine jackets (for a dollar each) and a few other jackets.

Now I have a pile, and my mom is adding stuff to it. We ended up at the sale for well over an hour just going back into the house, then the back yard, then into the 25 cent area again. Each pass was more stuff. GREAT SALE!!!!

After that we drove way out to the Shoreline area and hit a large church sale.

Church rummage sale

My mom hit the main room while I hit the clothing area. What a mess! Nothing was hung or even sorted with the exception of the household stuff (drapes, towels) and the kids’ clothes. As I looked around I noticed a very long table of baby items … and then the baby.

Baby, 50 cents - another view

I snuck out my camera and went to take a couple of quicky photos. Not everyone wants a stranger taking a photo of their baby. An older woman working the sale came up to me and wanted to know what I was taking a photo of, and she started to laugh too. This made the mother of the baby come over and want to know why we had been pointing at her baby. She said she hadn’t noticed the sign, but that it seemed like a good place for him while she looked at the baby clothing.

The sale was a bust for me, but my mom purchased so much stuff that we filled the remainder of the car.

Junk In My Back Seat

It’s not that often that we get a full trunk and back seat too.

Junk In My Trunk 8-7-09

4 Responses to Fifty cent baby, and other finds

  1. Carrie says:

    Picker Lady – If you see something in her pile that you really like, you should grab it when her back is turned, pay for it and take off. I know this violates yard sale unwritten rules, but so does starting early and grabbing everything that you think you might want so that no one else can get it. Wonder how much she eventually leaves behind that someone else might have bought if it wasn’t already in “her pile”. Might teach her a lesson about being so greedy and starting early.

  2. meghan says:

    I see your point and I honestly can’t stant this woman, but you can’t be at every single sale at once, so I just let most of it.

  3. Robin says:

    Re Picker Lady: I went to a charity book sale recently where they repeatedly told everyone that, anything that we put aside into piles we would have to buy at least 75% of. This comment directed at all, was actually directed at one guy who turns up with 2 helpers and shovels books into “his” pile to be sorted later (he does this every year at the same sale). Of course the next week, different sale, and he and his minions are back to their usual evil tricks…..

  4. meghan says:

    I would hate that guy and I don’t really buy book much. Does he sit and use a scanner too?
    That would really, really bug me.