Rainy day sales

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This weekend my mom and aunt came down from Bellingham, WA to hit some sales with me. It was crappy on Friday night, so I knew that some folks would cancel due to rain. Then Jenny called to say that she needed to have some down time and was going to stay home.

Leslie had sent me some listings for sales, including one at the F.O.E. about 15 blocks from my house. Two years ago at the same Eagles Hall I bought a rare ’80s skateboard for $4, so I definitely wanted to go there again.

Let me start by saying that my mom is the worst navigator for sales. She will give you three addresses at the same time, doesn’t look at what time the sales start, and can’t read signs if they are too small. A total nightmare. Then add in sales that are listed, but aren’t really happening! Frustrating.

We hit three of these nonexistent sales, then finally went to the F.O.E. hall. The usual cast of characters was waiting out front including my sale nemesis: the guy that can’t close his car door.

The sale was not what I expected. One woman was selling her “collectibles.”


Another lady was selling her figurines and some other assorted junk.


We left and hit a sale for a couple moving back to New Orleans and I purchased a plug-in fireplace for $6. Really, what was I thinking?!?! They did have these wonderful unicorn pictures.

Unicorns are magical

We drove to a sale that was supposed to start at 9:00 that wasn’t happening. We drove by again at 10:00 and it turned out to be the best sale of the whole day. They had great books, some cool clothes, my mom bought furniture. It was great that they didn’t open on time, since we must have been one of the few people that went to the sale. I filled two paper bags for $15 total.

Yard sale

My trunk photos turned out badly, but we filled the whole car. Over the course of the day we hit about 15 sales. Some were crap, some were overpriced, but for a rainy day in late September it turned out to be pretty good.

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