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Sale ja vu

Posted by Jenny in Grab Bag | 13 Comments

Sometimes, we go to a yard sale and get the strange sensation that we have been there before. It’s not some metaphysical time travel or past life regression thing. Just the simple fact that when you have been going to … Continue reading

Strange Saturday

Posted by Meghan in Sale Tales | 1 Comment

For the first time in ages we got an early start – like 8:00. I know for other areas that isn’t all that early, but in Seattle most sales start at 9:00 or 10:00. With that said, one of the … Continue reading

West Seattle tidbits

Posted by Meghan in Sale Tales, Um ... No Thanks | 5 Comments

I feel like Jenny covered most of what happened last Saturday, but she did leave out a few key West Seattle highlights: All of us talking like robots after Karl made some off-handed comment about the TV show Small Wonder. … Continue reading

West Seattle: Land of pirates, cat lovers, and creepy frogs

Posted by Jenny in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 7 Comments

Last Saturday was the annual West Seattle Garage Sale Day. I was out of town for it last year, but it was pretty fun the year before that, so I was stoked. It had threatened to rain earlier in the … Continue reading

Rummaging with the family

Posted by Meghan in Sale Tales | 1 Comment

My mom and aunt had threatened to come down from Bellingham for sales last weekend. I say threatened, since they usually flake. When they do come, my mom is unable to read any street signs or navigate to any addresses, … Continue reading