It’s October — what do you expect

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Meghan was kind of sick last Saturday and this week it was my turn. I had a cold on Friday and thought I might flake, but after resting up all day I felt much better — and seeing that it was supposed to be sunny on Saturday I decided we should at least a hit a few sales. I was especially intrigued by one that was listed as “Vintage Diva.” We pondered the address trying to determine if it was someone we knew (or even just someone who’s sales we’ve been to before)? It turned out to not be a repeat sale for us, just a girl who was moving and getting rid of a lot of stuff — not all vintage, but a good helping. Her mom had brought in some kitschy stuff too, including a large collection of elephant-themed items. Sadly, we neglected to get a photo of those, but we each bought a few things here.

We then went on to a few other sales. None were that great, even the one whose ad said “Earlies pay double, in Euros, and must weed my garden.” I thought the sense of humor might mean they’d have fun stuff, but it was pretty bland. At least a couple of the sales we hit had fantastically scenic views.

Scenic moving sale

Sale with a view

The sale immediately above was one that I’d predicted would be bad, based purely on their craigslist ad being in all caps and saying that it was on “SATERDAY.” This may be shallow, but it was pretty accurate — it was mostly just boring newer crap. There was a vintage dollhouse that was pretty cool, but she wanted $50 for it (with some furniture) — which I’m sure was probably fair, but not cheap enough for either of us to lose our sanity and buy it. Of course, that is probably a good thing.

These two old (as in really old) photographs were the most interesting things there. The bearded guy and his lady freak me out a little. I bet it is one of those pictures where the eyes follow you around the room …

Very old photos

We then headed up to an estate sale that sounded promising. It had been open for a little while, but neither of us had really felt like camping out in line with the die-hard shoppers. Like the sale last week, this was a smoker’s sale. The stench in the place was pretty unreal, to the point where you really had to question whether you wanted to buy anything that couldn’t be washed. I guess these Christmas ornaments would have been safe, but they would have had to have been a lot cheaper than $5 each to make me even think about bringing more holiday stuff into my house. (I don’t go super crazy with holiday decorations or anything, but let’s just say I have more than enough ornaments for the largest possible tree I might ever need to decorate.)

Christmas ornaments at an estate sale

There was a pretty random assortment of stuff here. I noticed some healthy eating books and thought it was odd (although not unheard of) for such an obvious hardcore smoker to bother worrying about proper nutrition. Later I saw a sign mentioning that the estate sale company had brought two smaller estates’ stuff into the home, so who knows what belonged to whom. The fireplace had been used to display a few of the more entertaining items.

Estate sale items on a fireplace

Meghan ended up buying a few things here, including a great pair of vintage roller skates. And that pretty much sums up our whole day — we capped it off by driving around for about 10 minutes following a sign for a “yard sale” which turned out to have nothing but bicycles. Great!

Going to sales in October — possibly really not such a great idea …

Junk In My Trunk 10-11-08

5 Responses to It’s October — what do you expect

  1. Maybe you could do “Thrift Store Bloodbath: The Winter Edition.”

    ps. I really want that horse painting!

  2. gwood says:

    Those people who make a big deal over “earlybirds” are all Republicans. And they never have anything good unless it’s way overpriced.

  3. gwood says:

    Oh, wait–cool phone! I would have been all over that–for 10 or less.

  4. Monica says:

    Love that coloring book!

  5. cindy says:

    oh WOW!! I would have gone broke if I went to this sale…look at all that rad stuff!