Massive day of West Seattle garage sales

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Back in May 2007 (when the blog was like a newborn baby) Jenny and I spent a wonderful sunny day in West Seattle at their annual garage sale day (and both of us wrote about it). For a while we weren’t sure if it was going to happen this year, but then we found out it was on.

Let me start with the simple fact that I am 100% sick of starting each blog talking about the weather! I feel like some demented farmers almanac. With that said, at 8:00 am it was full on raining. Call me crazy, but I hate damp books and wet tarps. With Jenny out of town, I invited occasional guest star Leslie to come help me navigate the supposed 100+ sales.

Leslie and I started out with coffee and no map, but we hit the main drag and just started following signs. We hit 3 complete duds, then found a Kiwanis Club sale.

Kiwanis sale

O.K., the photo doesn’t look that great, but it did have some hidden treasures.

The sun started to come out and we hit tons of sales over the next couple of hours. The 11th annual alley sale … that was bad.

11th Annual Alley Block Sale

Next was a sale spread out all around a corner.

Corner sale

It was there that I saw the most gigantic box of hot sauce. When I asked the seller about it, he said that people started to think he collected different hot sauces and would bring him different types until it took over his kitchen.

Enormous box of hot sauce

I wanted to buy one of these child’s pony rides, but even for $10 I knew that I had no place for them.


We hit a sale at the large driveway next to Hotwire Coffee. Found nothing good and one guy was selling food from his kitchen. This reminded me of the box of Hamburger Helper from this winter. Leslie made some comment about how people should just donate more items to the food bank.

West Seattle driveway sale

We had to take a break at 12:30 to get some lunch at Zippy Burger. Yum!

One of my favorite items of the day was seeing this broken nudie playboy bunny glass sitting in a planter.

Nudie glass in planter

Leslie seemed almost freaked out at how much she had purchased, since she usually doesn’t end up buying much. At one sale she purchased a blond Heywood Wakefield block shelf! Also, I have requested that she do a book report for us on the Magic Farm book (I think you can see it in the trunk photo) that she purchased. We hit about 60 sales and knocked off around 1:30.

Junk In My Trunk 5-10-08

7 Responses to Massive day of West Seattle garage sales

  1. DaveX says:

    What’s the deal with the Monopoly game in the picture near the ponies? Is that homemade? Did you happen to catch the theme of the board?

  2. swankola says:

    how do you hit 60 sales in one day? i go to half a dozen and i’m exhausted. are they “denser” in seattle?

  3. Meghan says:

    I really didn’t notice the monopoly board. It was just next to the ponies.

  4. wsb says:

    Not sure what ever seemed “supposed” about the 100+ sales … we chronicled registration continuously and accurately on our Garage Sale Day site (same one you link to). By the time registration closed on April 25th, we had 145. A couple dropped out, so, as we advertised in a kazillion places, we wound up with “140+.” Anyway, thanks for writing about it. We took over the organization when its original sponsor shut down, and we’ll be doing it again Saturday, May 9, 2009. Maybe we can pass 150 next time!

  5. Jenny says:

    Hi WSB,
    I think after our snowed-out Greenwood Garage Sale Day a couple weeks back, we were a little wary about truly counting on all those sales actually happening. Congrats on pulling off what sounds like an awesome day … I was sad I’d made plans to go out of town that weekend. I’ll try and plan better next year.

    Yes, I think the sales are probably “denser” here (especially in a case like this where a whole neighborhood was doing sales all at once). 60 is a lot even for us!

  6. Mary T. says:

    We had a great time (I blogged about this too as the site owner here noticed). Didn’t buy a ton, but had a lot of fun. I actually have a part THREE of my crazy posts on this sale still to come.

    We saw that guy selling food!!! WTF? I don’t even like buying food from the dollar store!

  7. Cool Blog…We are tag sale addicts on the east coast and the season is now in full swing!! ~Happy Tag Sailing Everyone~