West Seattle sale report

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Jenny and I hit the third annual West Seattle community sale on Saturday. It was advertised as 100 homes and I would guess that we hit around 45 sales in a little under 4 hours. We left a little early for travel time and dealing with an area neither one of us go to very often.

We hit a very large cluster of sales right away and at the first few sales I purchased some Mexican jewelry, an old art deco metal box, books and a very large Japanese Pop Art print of a rabbit and a polar bear standing on top of a building.

We went to some real duds, including a really sad estate sale where the whole house had some of the most depressed items I have seen at a sale, including clown paintings! It didn’t have the spooky dead feeling, more the “just been carted off to an old folks home” vibe.

Pris Toff and Skate Trooper of the Rat City Rollergirls put on one of the sales that we went to, where I snapped this photo of the Dutch Masters cigar box labeled as
“Box of Things” – I thought it was a box of studs for a leather jacket.

Box of Things, $1

Sadly, there was nothing that we wanted to buy.

One way to get attention for your sale is the “wacky person” on the corner waving a sign and demanding for you to come to their sale. This will generally lead us both into hysterics.

Garage sale sign waver

The sale itself was just o.k. I purchased some old Neil Young and the first couple Talking Heads LP’s, but I had to wade though every Grateful Dead LP ever produced (with the exception of the only one any sane person might want to own, American Beauty). They also had mediocre rice crispy treats — how do you mess those up?! They only have 3 ingredients.

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