Drizzly guest star day

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After a week of relatively nice weather, Saturday morning started with dreaded rain. I am seriously ready for spring to start.

This week we had two guest stars, both first timers: Tokyo Rose and Willy Callit, both folks I know from doing roller derby. The first half of the morning was all of us catching up on what everyone has been up to. Jenny was probably bored senseless, but we all had a pretty good time. That’s a good thing since the sales ended up being the pits today. Even the sales that had pulled some items inside garages just had a bunch of junk. Wet baby clothes, toys, and books seemed to be the theme for the whole morning. Sales being cancelled due to the rain, and tons of driving in circles.

We hit some real duds and after grabbing some coffee we went to a school rummage sale. Sadly it turned out to be almost all kids donations, with a few books and records, and these clown figurines.

Clown figurines

I became obsessed with this huge mound of plushy toys. I dared Jenny and Tokyo to jump into the stuffed animal mountain for $5. Some man leaned over and said “my son will do it for $5” and I had to let him know that my offer was for adults only.

Mound of stuffed animals

Tokyo bought this crazy board game from the ’80s that we were all fascinated by.

Give Peace A Chance

Next we hit two estate/garage sales. Really, is it an indoor yard sale or an estate sale?

Estate sale - no wait, garage sale

Both ended up being a mish mash of different crap that didn’t seem to fit together. Once you are in a house you can tell when things just don’t seem like they belong. I loved the linoleum in the basement of the first sale and I left my phone number there to see about possibly buying it later.

Sheep & puppy linoleum

At the second house, both Jenny and I were appalled by a woman selling reproduction floral barkcloth for $150. Ouch.

We drove around chasing after several sales where they had put tons of signs up, but ended up postponing their sale due to rain. In a moment of bad behavior Jenny pulled down one of these signs and threw it on the ground. This is something we talk about, but really never end up doing.

We wound down with what what turned out to be a sale being put on by folks from two local businesses, Velouria and Sonic Boom. Willy seemed a little bored, but was patient while the rest of us dug into the piles of women’s clothing. It was super cheap considering it had originally come from her boutique.

Both Jenny and I felt bad that our guest stars had chosen a day that turned out to be pretty lackluster. We told them to both come back another time when it would be nice and sunny out.

5 Responses to Drizzly guest star day

  1. Willy Callit says:

    I really enjoyed myself; thanks for having me along.

    No, I didn’t end up buying anything but as I said, it’s not about the buying, it’s about the looking. Half the fun is seeing what sorts of outlandish things folks give house space.

    Why on earth would anyone bother to keep a chocolate Nordstrom’s card for, apparently, decades? Who decided to market a game targeted to the 8 year old boy market and label it “educational?” It was about slime or monsters or some such but there it was, right on the box – “Educational!” Perhaps it was educational in the sense that it was a cautionary tale about not stealing from Ed “Big Daddy” Ross. And the tchotchkies, of course. I used to work with a woman who would give these away at the office during holidays. She was a sweet woman and her heart was in the right place but I wasted no time in jettisoning the ceramic whatsis or gaily painted wooden doodad at the earliest opportunity.

    Actually, on reflection, I really shouldn’t slam these people. They did manage to come to their senses and realize that they weren’t ever going to use that hand-cranked home meat slicer, or that the clown print clashed with the decor, and decided to unload.

    And yes, I was a bit bored at the last stop, but I sincerely hope that I didn’t make the rest of you feel rushed. I was married for 17 years; I fully grasp the concept that womens’ clothing must be fully inspected in detail before purchase.

    This dovetails neatly with the other 50 percent of the fun of yard sales, that you have to take the time to thoroughly look at the merchandise. 99 percent is worthless garbage; 1 percent is gold. If you only look at 80 percent of the goods… you might miss the gold for the dross. And I don’t begrudge ANY time spent while y’all sort through the clothing racks, even if I have no personal interest. One good find might just make the trip, and I’m not about to take that fun away from y’all – take all the time you wish.

    I’m looking forward to the next one.

  2. Oh I would have jumped in that plushie mountain for free (chronoologically I am considered an adult). I am always looking for particular plushies – I once found a Steiff in a plushy mountain.

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  4. WendyB says:

    That board game is hilarious-looking.

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