Phinney Neighborhood Sale Day Recap

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Phinney Neighborhood Sale

After trading a few emails Friday afternoon about how excited we both were to hit some sales, working out the time and would we both need to get money (a common theme), we chose to go to the sales an hour early. Something that we both don’t like (o.k. despise is a better word), but we thought we would risk it. Just to get the lay of the land.

I always spend a ton of dough at this sale, but I feel guilty taking more than $100 out of the bank machine, even if I know I will have to go back and get more money.

The weekend started with sprinkles and overcast, but it wasn’t enough to deter us from starting out at 8:00 am. We both started to get the feeling that some folks didn’t set up their sales because of the chance of rain, but that made it easier to get down the narrow winding streets. We didn’t see very many of the creepy pickers that seem to be there every year or the large trucks loading up furniture. Last year I tossed a small bag of garbage into one guy’s car, since he insisted on double parking and never shutting his car door.

The first sale was pretty good; right away I grabbed a really nice cardigan sweater. The woman mentioned that she hadn’t had a yard sale in almost 20 years. Strange that her prices seemed to be about 20 years in the future, she was asking for around $20 a piece for her clothing. We ended leaving without a single item.

I think all told we hit around 50 sales in roughly 4 hours – not a bad day.

I purchased a large box of colored depression era dishes. I only looked at a few items in the box and thought I would risk it and gave her $30. When I was able to unwrap them at home, I stumbled onto a great set of interesting colors. The woman told me that dishes are called Modernware, but when I started to look into them, I found out they had been produced in the 1940’s by Hazel Atlas and are called Moderntone.

Other noteworthy items:

  • 50’s folk art Mexican bottle-cap man for $10
  • Early 60’s group photo of some men’s fraternal organization (I really love group photos)
  • Pink basket that will fit magazines perfectly

I purchased a pretty cool table for $7 (that I don’t need or have room for) that we couldn’t get into my car, no matter how creative I got. I asked to leave it until later that day or the next. It’s Monday and I haven’t phoned them yet.