Sunday swanky shopping sale

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Olivine is a swanky boutique in downtown Ballard. The girls that work there (and usually the owner) have had a yearly yard sale in front of the store for the past three years, where they sell off clothes and accessories they want to get rid of. Both Jenny and I have gone each year with interesting results. Pretty much everything in the sale is nice, but might be too small or not the right style. Plus, you have to grab stuff super fast. Many items are high end and it’s a good idea to be there right when the sale starts. This year (and I think last year) a percentage of the proceeds went to a local breast cancer fund.

The last couple of years I have walked away with some really amazing stuff and last year I spent over $200 and left with like 4 pairs of Sven Clogs, AG Cords, Citizens of Humanity Jeans and other nice items.

This year I think we started to get ourselves into a complete lather about how good the sale would be this year. Maybe I should learn that’s never a good idea, since nothing can really be as good as your mind can make it out to be. This year was good, but maybe not as good as past years. There were a lot of smaller sizes (heck, I haven’t been a size 27 since the mid ‘90s) but I still managed to spend $180. Here’s what I picked up:

  • 2 skirts (one 3 Dot and one Cosabella) – both are larger sizes and I thought would be good for summer. Both make me look like a total fat ass.
  • 1 pair of AG velvet pants that I really like, but won’t wear until winter. One pair of AG cords that I don’t like. One pair of jeans that I like.
  • 3 pairs of shoes – 2 that I like and one pair that are cute, but are too big once I really got them home and walked around in them.
  • 1 Hobo wallet in purple – that I really love.
  • 1 Hobo clutch in black.
  • A pair of Citizens cut-offs for $5 that are too small.
  • 1 black Harvey’s seatbelt bag (made out of actual seatbelts!).

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