Rummage sale dream

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Due to various other obligations I haven’t been able to go to sales for the past few Saturdays. I went to a few Friday-morning sales last week, but they were so lame and boring that I actually wished I’d just stayed home. And I did make it to the Olivine sale that Meghan blogged about earlier (purchasing 3 shirts and a pink Hobo purse; all cute, but nothing mindblowing). But those excursions just aren’t the same as doing the full Saturday run of sales for a few hours.

It must be going to my head, because last night I had a crazy dream about a rummage sale. In this dream, Meghan and our friend Shari (who has maybe been to sales with us once or twice a few years ago, but is not a regular guest star) were waiting outside for the rummage sale to start on its first day (Friday). It was some legendary sale that had always been really good, so we were excited. I was trying to decide whether I had time to go – I think I was supposed to be at work, but in the end I decided to go in “just for a few minutes.” We all picked up baskets (like the kind of basket you carry around at the grocery store, which they had a stack of – like that would ever happen at a rummage sale!) and I quickly grabbed a vintage polyester shirt with a cool flower/geometric pattern (the print looked more 40’s even though it was polyester like a ’70s shirt) and a couple of other little things that I can’t remember. I know I was in a quandary thinking “which room should I go into next?” and getting a little overwhelmed, because the place was huge.

I’m not sure what happened next, but later in the dream I was back at the sale in the evening and I was talking to my friend Jenny (yes she is also named Jenny) on the phone and she was urging me to go in because the end of the first day of the sale is always the best part (which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but that’s what she said in the dream). I was outside of the sale and I was holding these pants that I was really excited about: they were white terry cloth bellbottoms with big turquoise and purple swirls on them. For those of you who don’t know me in real life, please be assured that this is not really anything I would ever wear, let alone get really excited about finding at a sale. I told Jenny I was going to go into the sale after I went and put the pants into my car (I’m not sure why I had them outside the sale if I hadn’t been inside yet, or why I was going to go put them into my car instead of paying for them). Then on the way to my car it occurred to me that Meghan and I still hadn’t decided if we were going to have our sale the next day and we still hadn’t done signs or an ad and we were running out of time so I called her to discuss this and … that’s about all I remember.

The sad part is that the last part is almost true. It’s Thursday night and we still don’t know for sure whether we’re having a sale this Saturday. Earlier in the week it said it was going to rain, but now it looks like it might be okay, so we’re in a quandary. But we definitely aren’t going to wait til Friday night to decide! Tomorrow morning we’ll check as many weather reports as possible, consider any other mitigating factors, and decide whether it’s on or not. Since we were originally going to have the sale three weekends ago we are getting anxious to get all our sale crap out of our houses. But on the other hand, it’s really no fun to have a sale in the rain …

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