The 52-hour garage sale

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Meghan found a (now-removed) Craigslist ad (how? who knows) for a 52-hour sale which happened in Minneapolis a couple weeks back. I think this is absolutely insane … but in a genius kind of way. And I’m impressed with their stamina – we are usually ready to pack it in four and a half hours into our sales!

From the ad:

Do garage sales that close up at 6pm annoy you, how about having to wait until some arbitrary time when the seller decides to get up and get their sale running. Well worry not. We are running the 52 hour garage sale. We started at 5pm Friday and we are going until 7pm Sunday non-stop.

PLUS TONIGHT ONLY: MIDNIGHT to 5am (SUNDAY), 50% off nearly everything!!!

5:01, the prices go back to the insanely high, but maniacally low prices we have right now!!!

bored at 2am… stop on over.. have a pop and shop!! You can’t miss us at 3am.. we are the house with our living room lamps in the front yard!!

Clothes, furniture, legacy computer parts, new computer parts, printers, gadgets, kids items, toys and much more!!!! And if you think this is crazy, there’s going to be a couple time slots (30min ea. 4 times) during Sunday’s sale, where nearly everything is 75-90% off!!

The most kick-ass part is that the sale was OUTSIDE.

52 hour garage sale

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  1. carol says:

    I saw you had posted on Yardsale Queen, so I went looking for your blog. I LOVE IT! I love to read other bloggers yardsale tales.

    I would like to post a link on my blog so others can find you. Is it okay?

    My blog is not so impressive, but feel free to add a link if you find it worth.

    See you on YSQ


  2. swankola says:

    I’ve always thought there should be midnight madness garage sales.

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  4. jackeeno says:

    Just wondering how their neighbors feel about these all nite garage sales–what ever happened to common courtesty?