The most important rule when going to (or having) a sale

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One of the things we’ll be doing from time to time is laying down our version of the rules to follow when having a sale or when going to sales. Believe me, there are a lot of things that you can do to make your sale more successful, have a better time shopping, and avoid pissing off your fellow sale-goers and all of humanity.

Rule #1 applies to both sellers and shoppers: Don’t be a dick.

If you do nothing else, try and stick to that. You will have so much more fun and make everyone else so much happier.

There are countless examples I could give, and some of the ways one can express one’s dickishness will surely be dealt with in subsequent rules. However, here’s a prime example from just last weekend One of the sales we hit was a benefit sale at a church, raising funds for a leukemia patient. As we were checking out, we heard the cashier talking about how she’d sold something to someone earlier that day. After the sale was made, somehow it was discovered that she’d charged way less than she should have. The cashiers explained this to the person, who was like, “Sorry! I already paid!” and walked off with the stuff (whatever it was – I didn’t get that part).

Now, I can understand wanting to stick to the original price … but it’s not like the sellers just changed their mind on a whim or something. The cashier made a mistake and accidentally undercharged. At a BENEFIT sale. For someone with LEUKEMIA.

Don’t be a dick. Really, we’ll all thank you.

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