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Now that Meghan has gotten the ball rolling I suppose I should introduce myself as well. I also grew up going to yard sales with my parents, along with thrift stores and trips to the crazy free box (really more like a huge free pile) at the park two blocks from my house in Berkeley, CA. I appreciate all of these to this day (not that there are too many free boxes around anymore, but there always seems to be a moving stream of random free stuff). But yard/estate/rummage sales are my favorites these days; it’s getting rarer and rarer for me to go into a thrift store, and I usually come out empty-handed when I do. With sales we usually have to hit a lot of duds before finding anything good, but I think there’s  a much better chance of actually finding something great (at a less-ridiculously-marked up price – the thrifts that think everything over 20 years old is “collectible” drive me insane!).

For the past few years I have really been more in “get this crap out of my house” mode than “go out looking for crazy weird cool and probably unnecessary crap” mode, but I still love the thrill of the hunt and coming across random bizarre things you never even knew existed, let alone that you must possess. A lot of why I like yard saling is almost from an anthropological expedition point of view. I have fun even when I don’t buy anything, although obviously it’s always better to come back with a few choice scores.

Meghan and I have been hitting thrift stores and sales together since around 1998 and for a while we would go to yard sales every Saturday for about six hours, ten months out of the year. Now it’s more of a semi-monthly kind of deal, and the days are usually cut much shorter since we both have creatures at home that we need to get back and play with (puppy for Meghan, toddler for me). But we’re both still pretty obsessed with all things having to do with sales and can talk about them endlessly. Which is why we’ve been saying for years now that we better just do a freakin’ blog about them already!

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  1. Johnny says:

    Hi Jenny:

    Great blog! Good luck in finding the great deals.

    Your links are up on my site.


  2. Mattie says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for posting the link to your fantastic blog on the thriftlist! I’ll be a regular visitor, for sure.

  3. Tom Zarrilli says:


    Just wanted to know if you have been contacted by anyone in the media regarding the relationship between yard sales and the current recession?
    From the time the bottom fell out of the economy have you seen any really desperate yard sales. I haven’t seen anything too desperate but I have seen some desperate buyers.
    I’ve been asked to comment on this to two media outlets so far.

    Tom Zarrilli
    Yard Sale Addict

  4. Tom Zarrilli says:

    No sales around here lately too cold even for Georgia. Anyone having sales in the snow where you are?

  5. Jenny says:

    There are a few sales around here, but not many. Things always slow down a lot by November, and then by March all the regular sale-hounds are really crazed and desperate for scores. (Which makes it a great time to HAVE a sale, if you can find a rain-proof indoor location.)

    And, no one has contacted us for our sage advice … I think Yard Sale Bloodbath is way under the radar of most media outlets! There was an article in the NYT a few months ago about the abundance of (crappy-sounding) “desperation sales” in some town in CA where there’d been a ton of foreclosures, did you see that? It will be interesting to see if there’s any noticeable difference here in Seattle once the season really gets going. My guess would be slightly more sales with boring household items (from people paring down for one reason or another), but I’m not necessarily expecting any great changes. We’ll see though! Hope you’ll post links on Yard Sale Addict to any stories that quote you about this.