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Adventures in Candle Land

Posted by Meghan in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 9 Comments

I had hit some sales on Memorial Weekend, which usually feels like a bust and not many sales with folks going out of town and holding BBQ’s. I had meant to do a quicky post, but instead will share this … Continue reading

Wettier Heights

Posted by Jenny in Sale Tales | 3 Comments

Last weekend was the Whittier Heights neighborhood garage sale day. This is sometimes good, sometimes “eh.” And there is always a high concentration of kid stuff. But it’s always nice when we don’t have to make a list and can … Continue reading

A Saturday alone

Posted by Meghan in Sale Tales | 3 Comments

Jenny and Karl were both busy on Saturday. I hadn’t hit sales without them in a while and it’s honestly a bit less entertaining. But we have had so much rain and when Saturday was super nice, I couldn’t not … Continue reading

I know this is your house, but you need to go home

Posted by Meghan in Junk In My Trunk, Sale Tales | 17 Comments

Friday Karl and I spoke about trying to hit some early morning sales, but since it was raining we both flaked, making a plan to just do our regular Saturday morning thing instead. Both Jenny and I have been trying … Continue reading