I know this is your house, but you need to go home

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Sawboard sign

Friday Karl and I spoke about trying to hit some early morning sales, but since it was raining we both flaked, making a plan to just do our regular Saturday morning thing instead.

Both Jenny and I have been trying to stay excited about sales, but going out in the rain each week is starting to be a massive drag. But this Saturday was perfect weather and we had not one, but two annual sales to hit: first the Whittier Heights sale, and then a huge multi-block sale on Queen Anne.

We hit about ten of the Whittier Heights sales right off the bat, the highlight being a friend of a friend’s sale — she had been a buyer for Anthropologie for years and is now a personal shopper. We all purchased stuff from her sale. I was happy to pick up a couple of framed prints, books, and some knick-knacks.

We hit a couple more sales nearby, then pulled up at a sale that had a huge abacus leaning up against a table.

Giant abacus

The sale itself was just eh, but then I saw this sign for Sourdough Starter. Odd, right?

Sourdough starter

We started driving towards Queen Anne, but after about a mile my boyfriend called saying that he was locked out of the house and could I drive home to let him in.
This led to a conversation about everything happening for a reason and how maybe it was meant to be. So, after letting my guy into the house and doing a drop-off we hit a few sales thinking that we might magically hit the jackpot, since we hadn’t even expected to be back in the area.

This turned out to not be the case. We hit a large sale that looked like it could be good, but was crappy …

Large sidewalk sale

… a sale where the most interesting item was her vacuum sign …

Vacuum balloon sign

And a sale that almost defied all logic. Right off the bat we see this insane pattern.

Kwik Sew gym wear

And then some men’s thongs!

5 thongs

Karl picked up a pair of early ’80s Frye boots, but when he went to pay for them she started talking about how they would be $300 if they were in better condition and I just started to tune the whole thing out. Really, if you are that nuts I am not going to give you any attention. Jenny and I went to sit in the car waiting for this conversation to end. Then I heard Karl tell her that he needed to go, since we were on our way to an AA meeting. Karl got into the car and proceeded to rant to us about how insane the entire boot conversation really was, finally cracking us up when he said, “Lady — I know this is your house, but you need to go home.”

We took this as our cue to head over to Queen Anne. I like this sale, but it seems like a lot of people are just bringing out the same stuff year after year. What is the point? When I have a sale it’s to get rid of stuff, not re-pack everything and bring it out next year.

Street of sales

There are always new sales, but right off the bat I saw items that I had looked at a year ago. Maybe after a while you learn which sales to avoid.

The walk was so nice, it really started to feel like a nice summer day.

The view from a sale

Karl started to rush off two and three sales ahead of us. This is a pet-peeve of mine. Aren’t we doing sales together? I yelled at him saying as much and he started waiting for us.

We hit one sale filled with clothing. I have never seen this much clothing from the same person at a sale. When I asked about how she had this much, she just said “she liked to shop” — well, yes. That was obvious.

Later, I saw this huge perfume bottle on a table — I asked the woman if I could take a photo and she said sure. Then when I got my camera out, she said “OH, YOU ARE TAKING A PHOTO???” Well, yes … you just said I could. She started to ramble something about how it was fine, but she just seemed to think it was really strange.

Giant perfume bottles

At one of the sales I picked up this bottle that looked empty, but then the outside had some foul smelling men’s cologne that made my hand reek. I stumbled around two sales just freaking about it. One guy at a sale heard me complaining and gave me a Clorox wipe. That made it a little better. Then I ran water over it a few times. In the end I had to wash my hand six times to get rid of the smell.

We honestly didn’t buy much at these sales, but we purchased delicious home-made cookies and wandered around taking pictures of some of the odder items …

Odd pottery fish

Two books


Strange doll situation

Hot and Spicy Cooking

First three free

Freaky bread poem

Flaring Netted Panty

Here’s the trunk shot from our earlier drop-off — nothing much to show you after that.

Junk In My Trunk 6-5-10

17 Responses to I know this is your house, but you need to go home

  1. sue says:

    What, exactly, is the point of selling something “first three free, after that 2 cents”????

  2. Linda says:

    “Drop me in your special juice in pieces because I am your low, soft and being shaped loaf.” Awesome.

  3. It really makes me nuts to see the same stuff over and over at sales … why not just dump it if it doesn’t sell? I’m with you … have a sale and get rid of it.

    It was pretty much a bust for me last week … but there’s always hope!

  4. JB says:

    my 5 year-old son and I were rummaging through a box of free stuff on the street and I too picked up this hideously ornate old bottle which promptly trickled this revolting ‘perfume’ all over my hand. Actually it smelled like a cross between turpentine and fabric softener, and I too stumbled around on our walk totally freaking out and feeling I was poisoned or something. My hand just reeked. My son still thinks its funny.

  5. Melissa says:

    Well now I am really curious about the last few lines of the “Bakerwoman God” poem.

  6. Graham says:

    Break me, Bakerwoman God.
    I am broken under your caring Word.
    Drop me in your special juice in pieces.
    Drop me in your blood.
    Drunken me in the great red flood.
    Self-giving chalice, swallow me.
    My skin shines in the divine wine.
    My face is cup-covered and I drown.

    I fall up in a red pool
    in a gold world
    where your warm sunskin hand is there
    to catch and hold me.
    Bakerwoman God, remake me.

  7. Carmen says:

    Oh man, you guys should have bought the big perfume bottles unless they were too expensive!!

  8. Karen in Tacoma says:

    Ok – First 3 free, after that 2 cents – either make it all free or charge 5 for 25 cents of some equivalent thereof. I have a rule when I have a sale that nothing is priced under 25 cents. That way I’m not as likely to have to deal with pennies, nickels and dimes. Besides dealing with pennies is frustrating. But I do have a “free” box.

  9. Nancy says:

    With all the great yard sale blogs, I fail to see the point in your endless criticism and snide remarks about both sellers and their merchandise. Come to think of it, why do you even go to garage sales? Give it up, honey, it’s making all of us unhappy.

  10. Meghan says:

    How many yard sale blogs are there? I knew of some blogs of people dressing up in stuff they purchased at thrift stores (yawn) and blogs about people selling shit on ebay (common) and blogs about being thrifty.
    Why do you read our blog if you hate it so much? If something makes you so unhappy why would you do it?

  11. Linda says:

    The hilarious criticism and comments are EXACTLY why I read this blog! I look forward to it every week. In my book, viewing crazy crap and weird people are truly more than half the fun of yard sales. Keep on sale-ing! Maybe Nancy was the proud seller of those giant, stinky perfume bottles and you done made her mad…

  12. Jenny says:


    With all the great blogs, I fail to see the point in your criticism and snide remarks on ours. Come to think of it Nancy, why do you even go to our blog? Give it up, honey, it’s not really making anyone unhappy, but it seems kind of petty and ridiculous.

    In all seriousness, there is enough room in this big bloggy universe for all tastes. If you prefer “Nice Comments About Sellers and Their Merchandise” I’m sure there is something out there for you. We won’t mind if you don’t come around here anymore. Honest.

  13. Smelly hands. Drives me nuts, too! Or we pick up something that’s icky sticky. Ewwww!

    Y’all have a hater?? How can that be? I LOVE your blog! Thought everybody did! Guess that just means you’re gaining popularity.

  14. JB says:

    more criticism and snide remarks — please!! that’s why we love your blog. forget the naysayers……….

  15. swankola says:

    Nancy is making me unhappy.

  16. Meghan says:

    Wow! Nancy you seem to be getting a strong reaction. Maybe you shouldn’t have put your email address in place of your web site…

  17. Erin says:

    I LOVE your blog, thanks for turning me on sis! I try to check it regularly, and have shared it with other friends here in Hawaii. I miss Seattle sales..this blog makes me feel like I’m there with you. Keep it up! And Nancy….just go away.