Five Years of Adventures in Yard Sale Land

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Hard to believe, but today marks five whole years since we launched this blog. I think that’s practically middle-aged in Internet terms, though we seem to still be in the “bratty toddler” stage. There’s been joy, there’s been horrors, and there’s definitely been more crazy, weird, and occasionally cool junk than anyone probably ever needs to see.

Many heartfelt thanks to all our readers, old and new. Maybe you’d like to celebrate our blogaversary by watching our video?

Yard Sale Bloodbath – “Food of the Damned” on Vimeo.

Or maybe you’d like to take a gander at our staggering collection of junk-in-my-trunk photos. There are well over 100, which is sort of frightening, especially when you see them all in one place.

Then maybe you’d like to ask us what we do with all that stuff … eh, don’t do that, just read this instead.

Or just stay with us as we continue boldly onward in this bloggy adventure. Here’s to heaps of good scores for everyone! And plenty of crazy stuff to blog about. Based on the last five years, we feel pretty confident that there’s no shortage of that out there.

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