Moo-rabilia and moo-ch more

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Meghan and I had gone back and forth a bit about whether we’d try and hit sales last weekend. There wasn’t much listed, but when we found out that local restaurant Mae’s was closing down and having a sale, we thought we’d have to check it out. Neither of us were in the market for cow-themed kitsch, but we figured there might be other good stuff and at the very least it would be blog-worthy. It didn’t start until 10 a.m., so I put together a sparse list of other sales and we headed out around 9.

On the way to our first sale Meghan wistfully recalled a sale we’d hit years ago (well before starting this blog in 2007) where she’d purchased some incredible jewelry for dirt cheap. Different place, but same block. This time the street was covered with cherry blossoms. It looked like a pink snowstorm had hit it.

Sale sign with cherry blossoms

It definitely added a picturesque element to the sale.

Sale with cherry blossoms

Each of us picked up a book or two and I bought little ceramic animal figurines and a cool pitcher. Meghan had to wait for me to finish taking some art shots of the street.

Cherry blossom art shot

Next we headed to sale that was scarily close to last week’s perma-estate-sale, but was at a different address. However, it wasn’t happening. We knew we were at the right address because we saw Furniture Guy standing outside, forlornly scratching his head. I considered rolling down the window and screaming that we were off to buy ALL THE FURNITURE, but my better judgement won out.

We headed off to a moving sale.

Yard sale upstairs

When we walked up the stairs and opened the front door, we found ourselves face to face with this.

Face on the wall

Why? I mean … why? We were mystified (but very entertained).

The sale was in the living room and Meghan picked up some really great books. I poked around a bit but didn’t find anything.

Inside the moving sale

We had a little time to kill before heading to Mae’s, so when we spotted a sign for a sale nearby we went over to it. Once we were there I realized it was a sale that I had purposely left off my list because it seemed to focus on hot wheels and toys. Doh! We left quick and went over to Mae’s.

Mae's Garage Sale

We still had about ten minutes so we passed the time taking pictures and laughing at the sign. 100s – no, 1000s of items!


We had no doubt this was true, judging from just what we could see in the windows.

Cow mugs

While waiting, Meghan also showed me a picture she’d taken of Mae’s proprietor in her Halloween costume — aside from the restaurant, she is the hilarious host of a Senior Center bingo night that we hit on a regular basis. Can you tell what her costume is?

One Night Stand

Well, of course — she’s a one night stand. How awesome is that?

The doors opened and we started to look around. Things were spread over all the tables in all the rooms.

A bit of the stuff

There was a little of this, a little of that …

Rosie O'Donnell Barbie

Moo-shoe pork

Broken globe and cutlery art

… and a LOT of salt and pepper shakers.

Salt and pepper galore

Bear-Ass S&P

There were also dogs playing poker.

Dogs playing poker

And more dogs playing poker.

Poker faces

And some dogs playing pool.

Dogs playing pool

Not to mention a bunch of poodles.

Poodles on the wall

It took us a while to get through some of the rooms. This one with the giant mouth had a ton of stuff in it.

Inside the mouth

And then we got to the cow room.

The cow room

Everything in there was cows. Even the mural across one whole wall.

Cow mural detail

I’m pleased to report that we left all the cows behind.

A large cow

I did, however, succumb to the lure of a $2 Last paint-by-number Last Supper and a plastic two-headed dragon. Meghan purchased what she refers to as a “glasses dog” — a ceramic doggie head to rest your glasses on! (Definitely one of the most genius inventions of all time.)

And then we had one more stop: an estate sale. It had already been going for a day, but what the hell — beggars can’t be choosers when hitting sales in April.

Estate sale sign

Light-up Christmas decorations greeted us as we walked in.

Light-up nativity figures

This sale had been described as “girly” and they even offered a discount if you came wearing a tiara. Neither Meghan nor I took them up on this.

Marilyn bottles

It looked like the woman had been a flight attendant and possibly also had a pilot husband — not sure, but there were a lot of airplane-related items around.

Flight attendant paraphernalia

There were also a lot of purses, clothes, and beauty products.

Weird purses

And a whole mess of beanie babies … this was just a fraction.

Beanie babies and dog sculptures

We also found E.T.!

E.T. with lei

I am glad that Meghan had the presence of mind to take a picture of this amazing portrait — the woman of the house?

Portrait of a lady

The more I look at it the more I love it. Especially those hands. (Hand?) I think it’s probably one of those pictures where the eyes follow you around the room. It wasn’t the only oddball painting around. Some of them seemed to have a political bent. This one was titled “Dr. Obama.”

"Dr. Obama" painting

I kept thinking maybe I’d find something, but most of the stuff was either not my style or just baffling.

The Predatory Female

Finally I did find something that was baffling in a way that made me want to spend fifty cents and take it home.

Mr. Bill Says Khomeini Sucks

Meghan picked up a couple of wooden tokens that appeared to be whorehouse souvenirs, a cookbook, and a few other things. And that was it for our day!

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