Meeting the Wonder Douche

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Well, hello! Did you miss us? We always slow down in the wintertime, but this has definitely been our longest hiatus since starting the blog. So by this weekend, we were delighted to find there were actually some promising sales listed. Off we went!

One sale on my list didn’t seem to be happening, and the next should have been a driveby (though we did make the mistake of getting out and looking). The third one was an indoor moving sale. The listing sounded good, but I wasn’t too encouraged by this box on the porch.

Rafting Shit

Inside, one room was devoted to women’s clothes.

Room of clothes

Everything was pretty tiny and leaned toward the trashy and/or spooky.

Spooky display

Also spooky? Shelves full of Halloween decor.

Halloween shelf

I think these clowns count as spooky too, or at least creepy.

Creepy clowns

I grabbed a book, but wasn’t finding much. Although I was sort of enamored by this Christmas tree art made from bits of vintage jewelry.

Vintage jewelry Christmas tree art

Meanwhile, Meghan had grabbed a pile of records — after first nearly getting into an altercation with some guy after she grabbed what turned out to be his records, even though he was nowhere near them at the time. She also snagged a blue Le Creuset dutch oven for two dollars (!!) Then she pointed out these portraits hanging up near the ceiling.


I was personally more taken with the Marijuana/Marlboro Man.

Marijualboro Man

When we were almost ready to leave, Meghan showed me a black plastic bangle with white letters reading “Shaken Not Stirred Vodka Martini.” She wasn’t planning to buy it, but ended up throwing it into her pile. It promptly found a home on her gear shift.

Shaken Not Stirred Vodka Martini bangle

We had another sale on our list: an estate sale at a former church, which had been the residence of two artists for many years. Both of us had been in this place a few times–they would rent out the upper area for events and such, and we also went to the open house when the building went up for sale. By the time we got there it was around 11:30 and the sale had opened at 10 … but there was still a line way down the block! It was way too cold to wait in that so we decided to come back later. We took a quick trunk pic showing the purchases from the first sale, and went home.

Junk In My Trunk 1-19-13

About an hour later we headed to the sale at the church, which by now had no line.

Outside of church

Can you see that crow window? It’s super cool — here’s a shot from inside.

Crow window

We walked inside, up a staircase lined with bowling balls.

Bowling balls on stairs

There were tons of shoppers milling about inside.

Inside the church

Here’s a close-up of that awesome Revival Meeting sign.

Revival meeting

There were lots of other vestiges of the building’s former use. Like pews — some of which had globes sitting in them.

Globes in pews

But there were some decidedly non-churchy fixtures, too.

Pagodas and pews

One of the former residents had been an artist, working mainly with beads from what I imagine. There were definitely a lot of those around — this is just a small portion.

Beads and jewelry

And there were all kinds of other oddities around.


Dresses and circles

Keep Smiling


Romance novel wire art

Still life with tiny butt

Old photo of church

As I was perusing the goods I heard Meghan call from the back room, “I’m going to buy some of these teeth …”


These were less freaky than the last time we found teeth at a sale, but still pretty strange. She selected a set that appealed to her and we looked around some more. Most of this room was dedicated to various odd objects made of glass.

Bumpy glass pieces

Small glass pieces

Glass strips with shapes

Glass hands

We each ended up grabbing a small glass piece or two. Then right as we were getting ready to wrap it up we realized the downstairs was also open! We were running out of time but made a quick look. It too was filled with strange items.

Odd ceramic thing


One thing that was not present was an interesting glass panel in the shower. Thankfully, Meghan had snapped a picture of it when we were in the building for the open house. I guess whoever purchased the place didn’t want to keep this in the shower. I can’t imagine why.

Shower glass

We followed the sign back upstairs …

Cashier in sanctuary

… and got in line.

The line

I walked away for a few minutes to look at something and heard Meghan yell, “Oh my god! Jenny, come look at what this lady is holding!” I could not have possibly imagined how awesome it would turn out to be.

The "Wonder" Douche

The Wonder Douche! (You thought it was going to be some annoying shopper, didn’t you?) Nothing was inside — just the box, which was from 1904. I was tempted to purchase it, but the price was too high. I thought about coming back on Monday when prices would be reduced, and seeing if it was still around — there were also a ton of other cool-but-completely-unnecessary items that I might have considered if the prices were just a tad lower. But as it turned out, I wasn’t able to make it. Which honestly is probably just as well. We each bought a few items and all in all, felt it was a good way to kick off a new year of saling!

11 Responses to Meeting the Wonder Douche

  1. Mattie says:

    What a fabulous way to start the thrifting year! So much cool stuff! Did the artists die or move away? What’s going to happen to the church?

  2. Abbie Grotke says:

    Wow, such finds at that church! The glass items are really odd. Some could be used as ring holders. If you had a lot of rings. Cool sale!

  3. Grunge Queen says:

    Welcome back! That looks like the coolest church sale ever, what neat stuff! Prices looked steep though. Wonder how much the Wonder Douche tin was?

  4. Lizzie says:

    I may or may not have let out a squeal of delight to see a new post from you! Gets me way too excited for yard sale season that is still way too far off here in MN. I continue to be extremely impressed and jealous of your finds (today, I want to reach through the screen and steal the Le Creuset oven, and the HST book). Oh, and if I bought a place and it had that panel in the shower…I would have TOTALLY kept it!!!!

    Welcome back! πŸ™‚

    (and, yes, I kept waiting for the story of a super annoying seller or shopper!! ;p )

  5. gretchen stroh says:

    Wow, I’ve miss you too! Glad you’re back. Can’t wait to see more trunk shots.

  6. Sue says:

    I would’ve bought that wonder douche in a heartbeat. That looks like a killer sale!!!

    Was the revival sign for sale? I would’ve snatched that up, too!

  7. Melissa says:

    OMG, I wondered what happened to you guys! Totally worth waiting for this post, though – this is EPIC. Yes, I was sure Wonder Douche was going to turn out to be Annoying Jewelry Guy’s twin brother or something.

    Welcome back!

  8. silver says:

    Yes, we missed you heaps and yes, I kind of dreaded hearing about the Wonder Douche, feeling sure that he (it had to be a “he”) would have a scanner, a pile of unimaginable goodies stashed in full view, and probably body odour, bad breath, a vicious untethered dog, sticky fingered kids running riot, and some kind of wildly contagious disease being freely spread around the sale. Fully glad to be so wrong πŸ™‚

  9. Marie says:

    So glad to see you back in action. I cannot believe the Le Creuset! Wonderful find.

  10. SixBalloons says:

    Oh man, so glad you two are back… What is up with people selling $200-$300 items for nothing?! Screaming deal on the le creuset.

  11. Steph says:

    Oh man, I went to that church sale too but it was near the end and there weren’t quite as many globes (sadly, NO teeth impressions!). Definitely a cool building though.