Sale signs: two extremes

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Sometimes we see signs when we are just out walking. Maybe we missed the original sale because they only made a few signs, we knocked off early, or they never listed the sale on craigslist. Hard to think of someone having a sale and not listing on craigslist, but I guess some folks do.

This sign is wonderful, I walked by it near my work.

Moving sale with cute horsies

This is pure craftsmanship when it comes to moving sale signs. Hand painted, two ponies magazine cut-out, and the added-on part of cardboard at the bottom. You know they got bored after about four of these. I could have made like one of these and that would have been it.

The second one is the extreme opposite. I walked by this one last weekend in San Francisco. They didn’t even make signs, but just hijacked someone else’s sign from the month before.

Crossed-out sale sign

I love them both.

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