Fishy, funky, and “fun”

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Last night I discovered that I had left my debit card at the Title Nine warehouse sale — ehg. Now I’d have to drive over first thing in the morning hoping they have my card, vs. going to Friday yard sales … Lame!

So, this morning I hatched a plan — find sales on a direct route to the warehouse (on the other side of town). Then I noticed there was a sale on the grounds of Northwest Hospital. We’ve been to tons of sales in all kinds of strange places, but at a hospital? That never happens.

Could be a massive bust, right? They had great signs and free parking, and the sale spread over the parking lot.

Parking lot rummage sale

It was pretty big, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much in the overall scheme of things.

Scenes from a parking lot

I started to dig around and found a huge amount of purses. I ended up grabbing three — one is a super high end purple suede Moschino (that is not my style at all, but I secretly like it), plus a crazy brown roller bag that says “My kind of town. Seattle” from the late ’70s or early ’80s.

I snapped up a nice ’70s motorcycle jacket with no price. I passed on the Jesus and unicorn prints.

Jesus, unicorn, and rose

When I went to look for someone to help me with prices, I discovered that the workers were dressed in snappy green t-shirts with yard sale sayings.

Yard Sale Fairy

They were happy to let me snap photos of them. It was kooky enough that I’m surprised Jenny and I have never done anything like that. Maybe we are lazy.

Yard Sale Mermaid

All told I spent a whopping $10.

After getting my debit card back, I hit a few more sales. One said it was an “everything goes” sale, but it was mostly a ton of fishing stuff from some old fisherman.

Box o' buoys

As a side note: we have talked a ton about Ballard (our regular stomping grounds), but haven’t mentioned that this is the area where many of the guys from the show Deadliest Catch live, along with many, many other fishermen … so this isn’t all that strange.

Next I hit one of the more depressing estate sales ever, about 15 blocks from my house. They had a huge box of like fifteen pairs of shoes for free, but you had to take all of them. Almost everything was free, but in such large amounts that you wouldn’t want it.

I went into one of the bedrooms and all of the clothing was free, but the smell was enough to deter me. Then I went into an empty room, with what looked like old dusty mold on the wall, from where they had taken some photos down. After that I just got the hell out of there.

Scary wall markings

My last sale of the day was listed as “the fun sale.” It wasn’t all that fun, but I did end up buying three teen magazines from the early 90’s for a buck and found this ad for a fake cell phone/AM-FM radio. Look — it’s “Cellu-RAD!”


For a Friday, I ended up making a pretty decent haul.

Junk In My Trunk 6-18-10

2 Responses to Fishy, funky, and “fun”

  1. christina says:

    Love your blog. My girlfriend Johanna and I go every Saturday to yard sales, all year. We have likened it to fishing or hunting. Only we don’t have to buy expensive equipment, licenses, smelly bait, or deal with cleaning dead animals. Now after reading your blog, we may have to start bringing a camera!

  2. swankola says:

    That radio is cellu-rad! I can’t believe my eyes! Your blog is thrifty-rad!