January junking

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Most people are way too smart and/or sane to try to have a sale in January, but there are usually some estate sales here and there. Since it had more than two months since Meghan and I had hit sales together, we figured we’d take what we could get.

The first one we hit had put about five listings up on Friday, each including the phrase “ALL MOST GO.” By Saturday morning, they had figured out that the word they were looking for was “must.” In any case, I suspect most of it didn’t go anywhere. There was a ton of stuff and it definitely tended toward the junky side. We got there right after it opened and Meghan snagged a psychedelic vintage bathing suit from a box in the living room, but all the other clothes seemed to be old lady styles from the ’80s. Both of us had the feeling there had to be some good vintage finds stashed elsewhere, especially because there were boxes and piles that seemed like no one had looked in them yet. We kept feeling like we were about to uncover something great, but finally had to accept that she had probably gotten rid of all that stuff long before.

I ventured downstairs to the basement where more piles awaited … all seeming like they might have undiscovered treasures, but mostly just turning out to have crap. I saw a 7″ record case out on top of a box, and flipped it open to check out the contents.

Book of Mormon 7"s

Notice that this is “Side 99.” There were also some Book of Mormon flexi-discs scattered nearby. Who knew?!

Most of the basement was just junk. A lot of it was taken up by the dreaded tool area, but the rest was a mixed bag. Ancient cleaning supplies, horrible craft stuff, Depends … it was grim. Though I did think these toilet seats were rather festive.

Sparkly toilet seats

Meghan discovered this sign in what apparently had been the “computer area.”

No Food Nor Drink

I picked up a little round vintage lamp and carried it around for a while … putting it down at least twice, then deciding maybe I’d get it. Since nothing was priced, I didn’t know what to expect, but I figured it would probably be cheap enough that I should just go for it. Sure enough, the guy charged me $1 for the lamp and my only other purchase — a piece of Yogi Bear wrapping paper.

Our next stop was a moving sale. Walking in we were greeted by this inflatable monkey and a leg lamp (a la Christmas Story)! But they wanted $100, which is freakin’ ridiculous.

Still life with major award

We walked on into the main room where things were laid out looking like an antique mall or something. The seller was sitting in a chair in the middle, just watching us make the rounds. Her prices were out of hand and we left quick.

We headed over to a moving sale that we couldn’t find, until we saw the seller putting up a sign on the corner and she pointed us toward the house. Inside was a guy strumming a guitar, and one of the lamest sale spreads I’ve ever seen. And you know that is saying a lot! There was a huge pile of old computer monitors and keyboards on one side of the room (stuff you’d have to pay to dispose of), and about four worthless items on the other side. “Is this it?” we asked the guy. He said there was also a lawn mower outside. Great! Then he said “Yeah, I was a little surprised when I came over to help out.” It was truly pathetic.

Our next moving sale was a little better. There were a ton of books there, mostly an odd mix of new-age-self-help and gun collectible guides. I didn’t think I’d find anything I wanted, but I ended up getting a copy of Charles Krafft’s Villa Delirium for $1. I also picked up a tiny little plastic refrigerator that I first thought was a kid’s toy. The seller pointed out that it was actually for your desk, with plastic food-shaped office supplies (push pins, tape, clips) inside. Odd, and cute — I bought it (for another dollar). Meghan got some kind of weird fur coat for $5.

Next was an estate sale in a pretty nice area. When we walked in they had some cool antique-y stuff, but their prices were crazy. Then in some of the other rooms stuff was really cheap. The people running the sale really seemed to be all over the map. Upstairs was pretty much “elderly people with refined taste.” Downstairs is where it got weird. Most of the walls were bare, but there were a few things left up that were sort of funny.

Think light

In one room were tons of CDs … almost all classical, but with the occasional recent techno or swing title thrown in. We also spotted these stickers.

Grand Funk

Then there were a bunch of crazy goth/raver clothes that did not seem to fit with the rest of the stuff at all. Platform boots, fishnet tops … and these out-of-hand fuzzy blue pants.

Blue and fuzzy

The label on these is FunkyFit. How great is that?

FunkyFit XS

We figured there had to be a grandkid responsible or something, especially after we saw these ads taped up.

Your Gothic Headquarters

I said something about the clothes to the lady running the register, and she claimed that they all belonged to the old man. I have my doubts … but if true, that’s kind of awesome. Meghan and I each bought a few books here. She also got a cool pair of vintage shoes; I got some ’80s red boots, and a crazy pair of purple/gold platform boots that I can’t really even describe (or explain why I was compelled to buy them).

Next was an estate sale at a ritzy condo, which turned out to be way more massive than we’d expected from the outside. Everything there was pretty high-end.

Fancy condo bedroom

I will note however that this was the second sale of the day with packages of adult diapers. I’d like to propose that if you are an estate sale professional and come across any of these, you should forego the possible couple of bucks you might make if someone actually buys them (which seems really unlikely) and just donate them to a worthy cause.

I didn’t purchase anything here, but Meghan bought a few schmancy sweaters. She also found an ’80s magazine clipping while flipping through the cookbooks — it had a poached salmon recipe on one side, which was presumably why it was saved, but the other side has captioned photos of various punky youngsters. If the stars align correctly, you might just see it in a “book report” here soon.

After one more stop at a very crappy estate sale, it was time to call it a day. None of the sales were spectacular, but for January I think the haul was not bad!

Junk In My Trunk 1-31-10

11 Responses to January junking

  1. Melissa says:

    Awesome bathing suit! And the Yogi Bear wrapping paper is wonderful. Good job!

  2. lauren says:

    oh my goodness… that little fridge! i had one of those as a child (but mine was turquoise). i earned points selling items door-to-door, and that was the reward that i choose when i had earned enough points! wow, i loved that fridge with all my heart. i wonder if my mother still has it at her house? i was also raised mormon, so those records made me laugh. great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. sue says:

    Let’s make a pact, here and now: no estate or moving sales in January. We need to recognize that January BLOWS and leave it at that. Next January, I’m leaving my dignity intact.

  4. Belinda Blob says:

    Were the diapers old or newish? Adult diapers of the “vintage” variety can sell very well on eBay. “Vintage” baby diapers too.

  5. Karen in Tacoma says:

    So fun! But how could you pass up those festive toilet seats ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I totally agree with you about the Depends. I’ve seen stuff like that at estate sales too and felt just like you. Last weekend down in my area there was an awesome estate sale (done by professionals so they knew what they had and their prices reflected that). But the house was built in 1887, and was as interesting as could be – and there were lots of antiques and vintage items. Very fun – and they’re doing it again this coming weekend.

  6. Maria says:

    I know someone who would LOVE that Think Light poster.

  7. Krista says:

    Wow those were some funky toilet seats I would have probably had to buy them just so I could show people lol. I found the blog about a week ago and it is great. I also fall into the junkie category when it comes to yard sales, garage sales, rummage sales, estate sales etc. My favorites are estate sales. The reason I am leaving a comment today is because I snuck out of work at lunch to go hit a friday estate sale and I don’t know if I never really paid attention before or I had just never seen it before and one of your posts had made me hyper sensitive to it BUT I saw a box in the bedroom and thought to myself please, NO. When I walked over it was full of old ladie panties, yes panties but what was even worse was the condition of the panties. These were well used panties they had the stains to prove it (shivers are running up my spine again) This was an estate sale ran by a professional company too although it was not a name I had recongnized around town before. Why would someone put out panties and why for all that is holy would they put ones out that are in that condition? BTW they were sitting right next to two open bags of depends that were for sale as well lol….yuck!

  8. Nicole says:

    Love the update.

    Do a quick ebay completed listing search for “plastic diapers” you might be surprised. I’m always on the lookout for them now!

  9. Jenn B. says:

    Oh I am so coveting that little fridge. I have looked for one of those for years. You were so lucky to find it!

  10. Poppy K says:

    My older brother totally had one of those Grand Funk stickers on the back of his vinyl desk chair back in the 70’s. Thanks for the blast from the past!

  11. Brooke says:

    I am just going to say that I knew someone who found a diamond ring in a box of depends and leave it at that. Do with it what you will.