Friday with the family

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My parents were in town last weekend. We had non-sale-related plans on Saturday, so we thought we’d hit a few Friday morning sales. Since there usually aren’t that many sales on Fridays I figured it was a perfect time to try out iGarageSale – an iPhone app that places sale listings from Craigslist onto a handy map so you can see what’s nearby. I found a couple in our neighborhood and a few more a little further out that seemed promising, and we headed off.

One of our first stops was a church sale, which ended up being the same church we’d been at as part of the Crown Hill Garage Sale Day. It had been awful then, but a different organization was having the sale this time, and there was a lot more stuff. I still figured it might be a bust, but then I wandered down the hall to a sort of hidden area and found a cute little box purse with a ’60s looking “YES” painted on it. I opened it up and discovered that despite its complete lack of bejeweledness, it was an Enid Collins purse, and even had a mirror inside. Score!

On the way out I noticed this box of “men’s shoes.” Um, if you say so …

Men's Shoes

After one boring sale and one that wasn’t actually happening we headed off to something billed as a “three-estate sale.” There was stuff spread around all outside the house. One of the first things I noticed was this sign up on the wall.

Disturbing sign

Don’t strain your eyes on the blurriness, I’ll tell you what it says: “If your reading this it probably means Im DEAD! Tell my family I love them. Good bye … forever (we can make love in heaven)”

Creepy, no? I asked the seller what the deal was, and she got sort of a strange look on her face. For a second I wondered if perhaps there really was a death story involved and if I shouldn’t have brought it up so casually. Then her look became one of pure bored irritation and she replied, “I’m pretty sure it’s just a joke.” Still no explanation why it was on the wall of the house, but I could tell that more questions were not encouraged.

There was definitely an odd hodge-podge of stuff. My dad made a comment about how these dogs were maybe a little too excited to see Santa.

Hello Santa

There were a couple of stuffed dogs whose price tags included their names. I think sometimes you really can give a potential buyer too much information.

Priced and named

This lady was so lovely. Too bad about her arm.

One-armed lady

There was more stuff set up inside, and it kind of felt like an antique mall space — I wondered if someone used to have one and was selling off what was left? Or maybe it really was from someone’s estate who was really into collecting glassware and such. Everything in the room was priced, and laid out very nicely.

Inside the living room

Then there was another room down the hall that had more dishes … set up in front of a painted sign for the Amazing Alfredo, big enough to cover the entire wall.

The Amazing Alfredo

They had some nice stuff, but nothing I fell in love with, so I left empty-handed. But on the way there we’d seen signs for another estate sale, so we headed off to that one. This sign in front cracked me up, especially knowing how the hardcore estate-salers can get kind of crazed and bloodthirsty waiting for a sale to open up.

Patience Is A Virtue!

I walked into a bedroom and encountered this rather large school project on “The History of Reggae Music And Bob Marley.” All that work, and now it was on sale for fifty cents! I hope they at least got an A.

The History Of Reggae Music And Bob Marley

It’s always cool to come across old family portraits like these.

The family

And I was delighted to spot this built-in file cabinet in another bedroom. We’ve seen some weird built-in stuff at estate sales before (the pull-out toaster is an all-time fave), but I think this is a first.

Built-in file cabinet

Since we’d ended up further afield than I’d expected, I whipped out the ol’ phone and consulted iGarageSale again … and discovered another estate sale just a few blocks away! I wouldn’t have even known it was there, so that was pretty cool. Most of their stuff was at once fancy and boring (a deadly combo in my book), but I did get a pink Russel Wright bowl for $2. Then right when we thought we were done for the day we stumbled upon an un-craigslisted block sale — but alas, all of the sales were lame.

The haul was pretty paltry compared to a typical Yard Sale Bloodbath Saturday, but we were all happy with what we got.

Me: Enid Collins box purse and pink Russel Wright bowl.
Mom: Pyrex dish.
Dad: Rainbow-colored outdoor hanging thing (that’s actually the real name. Look it up), hose splitter, Seabiscuit documentary DVD, The Spell Of The Yukon book, and three CDs.

Junk In My Trunk 9-18-09

10 Responses to Friday with the family

  1. Mitzi says:

    Yowza! I think that Enid Collins purse is worth a good bit – I did a post about them on my blog once and if I remember right the ones with words and no jewels are harder to find…

  2. sherri says:

    That is one creepy handwritten sign. Great purse score though.

  3. grannyann says:

    I am a new fan of yours. I am an avid garage saler so I found your blog very interesting!! What do you suppose that is on the side of that man’s head (in the oval frame) .. a bandage???

    When I was looking through your archives I saw a picture of Eddie with you. Is that Eddie that was on Design Star?

  4. Jenny says:

    Hi GrannyAnn … thanks for the nice words! Somehow I hadn’t even noticed that thing on the guy’s head until now, and now I’m like “WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT THING?” And how could I have missed it before!? Very strange.

    As for Eddie, I’m afraid I have no idea what you are talking about! Are you sure this was on our site??

  5. Cindy says:

    Nina Simone AND a kickass Enid Collins box purse… that would be a big hell yes in my book! Have you ever read her granddaughter’s blog? She is pretty darn talented, too.

  6. Lucitebox says:

    I have only seen that YES box bag one time. I wanted it then and I want it now. You’re a lucky, lucky yard-sale junky!

  7. kitty says:

    just found you! you’re hilarious! i would actually have loved to have gotten my hands on the santa statue. i have two little bostons just like the dogs.

  8. cindy says:

    i thought of you when i was driving down the street and saw a sign that somebody made that said “radical yard sale” i almost went back to get a pic but was in a hurry

  9. Decorina says:

    Love your blog. I go to garage sales just to get a look inside houses.

    But I did see a house around the corner from me that had a kitchen with fold down burners instead of a stove. Seems the lady that lived there was a geologist – as was her husband. Neither one of them cooked. The things were untouched since 1953 when the house was built. The new owner said they kept them and that they work.

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